Things Jaarka and Roz do for fun in their spare time ….

Is it gonna attack?

Is it gonna attack?

Takk waits patiently while pirate Jaarka and ninja Roz have their fun.

Crap, its attacking!

Crap, it's attacking!

Not sure, but I think Takk might be laughing at us.

Yep, we blew it up ... with our fists! /flex

Yep, we blew it up ... with our fists! /flex

We spent about 45 minutes or so hanging out in Southern Boring Tundra working on these, and both walked away with an unarmed skill of 400 and the accompanying achievement.


Another thing you can try for fun .. the night before last we headed out to Eversong Woods to work on Silvermoon rep .. because blowing through low level quests is way more fun than turning in Champion’s Writs, right? Well, we did them by stripping down to rings and trinkets, and then for an added twist, we put on things we got as drops and quest rewards as we got them. Here we have Roz demonstrating his awesome fistfighting capabilities..and lack of luck on drops. ^^

Float like a Tauren, sting like a backrub.

Float like a Tauren, sting like a backrub.

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2 Responses to “Brawlers”

  1. For The Pie Says:

    Hrm…I sense a guild challenge.

    Level a character using only drops and quest rewards.

  2. Real Neat Blog Award | Reputation Grind Says:

    […] the archives and haven’t found it yet. It’s there somewhere, I swear! OH! WAIT!!! I found it […]

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