Yeah, so … I’d been talking about making a(nother) rogue for awhile. In fact, I had saved my 10th character slot (lol) 0n Dawnbringer just for one. (Too many alts? Moi?? Nevah!) So the other day when Jaarka was needing sigs for his bank alt’s guild, I went ahead and created one….and played him to level 5, because … well, it was kinda fun. Then I parked him in Brill and went about doing other higher level things.

Over the last couple of days, talk in Ashes has gravitated towards doing some premade pvp. I have gone back and forth on deciding what class to play. I have … holy crap, 8 classes now that are under level 30 and could participate….7 if you eliminate the hunter who is slated for the 19 bracket. I was leaning towards the prot warrior, and then a friend stopped by last night, who happens to play a rogue. So I dusted off the baby backstabber and with a few pointers from my buddy, I pwned Tirisfal Glades.  I’ve been ganked by rogues soooooo many times … it’s time for some revenge.

When I played with Zeem way back when, I didn’t really mess with stealth and stuff. It was a novelty, something to do when standing around in Org, or riding the zep. That big tall troll just never seemed sneaky to me, so I never quite got the hang of skulking about with him. But this … the only things I didn’t stealth on were non-aggressive. Everything else I am sneaking up on and backstabbing! … and I have pickpocket macro’d to it. Muahahahaah!

Fast forward to level 10, easily done with the heirloom shoulders AND chest, and now he has dual wield, sap, and … hm, some other good thing he just learned. I dunno, I had to stop playing after he dinged because Jaarka came on and I’d been waiting for him to get off work to do the Tourney dailies. Oh wait, it was sprint. Yeah.

So Roz ran off to WG to spend a couple hundred shards on a dagger, so that at least one of Mal’s weapons will always be awesome. Oh! Yeah. I suppose I should actually introduce you to him, eh? Meet Maldrice.

Now I’m off to once again research talent builds and such. Cyas!


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10 Responses to “Backstabber”

  1. Linzie Says:

    Hawt!! I love me some undead rogues…they just look freakin awesome. I leveled mine sub and I’ve got to say shadow step is the most fun I’ve had in a loooooong time: stealthy up to the towers in AV, “oh look theres a squishy up there by himself” poof shadowstep /boo! Who needs stairs 😛

    Thanks now I want to go start another rogue

  2. repgrind Says:

    hehehe! Do eet!

  3. For The Pie Says:

    Uh…that’s not a troll.

    Why is he not a troll?

    I do not understand why that rogue is not a troll.

  4. repgrind Says:

    Well, there was a troll … but Mal ate him.

  5. Drazmor Says:

    I’ve always wanted to start a rogue; never really got round to it.

    Hmm, maybe once my hunter hits 80. (Of course, that will probably be around the time of the new expansion, and I’ll have to hit 90 on everyone before I roll a rogue. :P)

  6. repgrind Says:

    Haha. I have so many alts, it’s a miracle in and of itself that I’ve had anyone hit 80.

  7. Eldadres Says:

    Oh Rogues, I love ya’ but I can never seem to sit down and actually play them. =(

  8. repgrind Says:

    Gah, sorry I disappeared last night, Eld. I kinda … well … you’ll see when I get today’s post up. Muahahahah

  9. Tamarind Says:

    Maldrice is a brilliant name for an undead rogue.

    I am rubbish at roguing. The playstyle seems to exacaberate all my incompetancies. Sigh. I love the idea of it though.

    My rogue is a thoroughly dashing gnome … he looks exactly like Inigo Montoya, or at least, he would if Inigo Montoya was, y’know, tiny and bald. Okay, not so like Inigo Montoya at all though… *sigh*

  10. repgrind Says:

    Every once in awhile the random name generator will do something wonderful like that … such as Ditzul for my troll DK.

    I’m not that great at it either, but I think as I play it more, I can at least become adequate. It helps by surrounding yourself with people who care more about how fun you are than about how good of a player you are.

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