New Horsey

Let’s split, Pony. We’ve got people to do and things to see. Wait … things to see and people to… aw, hell. We’re going on vacation!

How about we drop by Stormwind for supplies first?

As you can see, Karius did get his horsey last night. I somehow forgot to do my traditional laps around Dalaran though. In fact, he hasn’t even been to Dal since getting it. Must’ve been the excitement of not only getting to ride from quest to quest, but also new ranks of Pyroblast and Fireball. So he went a-questing instead.

Horde Stuff

Well, let’s not make our last post for a week or so an all-Alliance one. Ditz and Jaarka went to Violet Hold for the first time last night. Ditz got to DPS, even though I freely admit to sucking at melee. We got through it fine, even though one of our bosses was the Void and we took two tries on him. Not bad at all considering some had never been there and with the way things move along in there, we couldn’t take five minutes to explain the fight before the first try. It was an all-guild run, and everyone did a great job. Oh, and we had some fun beforehand, too. Always shenanigans in Ashes. ;D

Things Seen in Guild Chat

Oh yeah, remember that screenshot from the other night that I promised Trout I wouldn’t post? Well, I’m still not gonna post it….but I never promised I wouldn’t talk about it. So … Things Seen in Guild Chat Vol. 2.

The Scene: We’re running through Dun Morogh on the way to Gnomer, and Schubert is hitting mobs with his staff.

Karius: working on your staff skill?

Schubert: ;P

Schubert: my staff has skills

Karius: screenshotted

Just For Karon

Oh yes, Karius got this new robe for one of the Gnomeregan quests the other night. So of course, I had to get a shot of it for my dear Karon. What do you think, better on Karius or Elgar Kayle?










Alright, I’m outta here. See you all in a week or so! As I told Karon last night, be sure to get into trouble while I’m gone, k? 😀


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5 Responses to “Charge!”

  1. Jaarka Says:

    Karius looks hotter in the…


    …I think I just got sucked into a trap.

  2. A Day of Dungeons - The Shiny Side Says:

    […] like the shot where you’re lookin’ right into the camera. Even if you do look like a dirty human. :Achievement Whore, Good Times, […]

  3. Drazmor Says:

    Gratz on the pony. I remember when I got my first horsey…

    Except it was a evilarmoreddeathknightindisguisepallymount of DOOM!!

  4. repgrind Says:

    I wants one of those. I do have a level 21 Paladin, so I at least finally get a slow pally charger after the patch. Or before if I get motivated enough to faceroll through 9 more levels on him. =)

  5. Anything You Can Do… « Crits and Giggles Says:

    […] Just kidding Roz, I can’t be as good as you.  So Roz gets her cross-factioned mage up to level 30 and rides off into the sunset.  Well… Roz.  In order to keep up with the Jones’ I […]

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