Chasin’ Flames with

Going back a little ways, some of you may remember the DK I rolled on Zangarmarsh to participate in the It Came From The Blog event hosted by Robin at Well, that event transpired last Saturday, and the article and screenies are now posted on  We had a blast! Especially after dropping off the lowbies and reforming into an all-DK (+ one hunter) raid. Some people even hung around after that to steal the Stormwind and Ironforge flames, but I had my own server(s) to get back to.

There are many more screenies on their site, but I was particularly excited by two of them, which have my little Wein right in front. Screenshots taken by Robinella.


Wein is on the horse closest to the front of the screen. If you look close, you can see his name highlighted against the red banner.


And here he is right in front with his bone shield up. I do believe that lovely ghoul facing the camera belongs to him, as well. *grin*

And to all of you that didn’t go even after I told you how much fun it was gonna be …. boo. You missed a good time. You better come to the next event or else!


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