In ur City, Stealin’ ur Flamez

So, after realms came back online after maintenance and I had done all the torch dailies, Katia decided to honor/desecrate a few flames. I figured with the great xp it gives and already having all the flight paths, it was too good an opportunity to pass up. Plus … I could scout out the Alliance towns from inside. Never lose sight of the mission, right?

So, she rode the tram to IF, rode out to Kharanos … and decided taking the tram back to Stormwind was way more work than just hearthing to Dalaran and porting back. I think she was flying out of either Westfall or Duskwood when she realized that yes, there is indeed a flight path out of IF. As she was flying to Menethil Harbor she also noticed that sexy shadow priest Karon was in IF, so she flew back there to pop in for a surprise visit.


He has the horse that Karius wants…although Karius’ won’t have the kewl shimmery purply shadowy goodness.

This next section is likely to get me kicked from 4TheHorde. It’s all part of the plan, guys … how can I spy if they suspect me of being a spy? I have to make them *believe* I am one of them! I mean, after all, when that cute little troll came to steal the Stormwind flame while I was doing torch throwing, I just hugged him and let him grab it, so I have to prove my ‘loyalty’ to them.

So, as I was doing the regular flames, I picked up the Horde cities along the way. Silvermoon wasn’t too bad…one death halfway up that first path before the druid trainers, and of course one after taking the flame.  Undercity is a complete joke, being  just inside the front gate. I didn’t even get aggro! Nice consolation for having just died to an elite deathguard who happened to be patrolling near the flame in Brill. /facepalm

Orgrimmar … zomg. When did they put all those guards on the side gate? There are like … 8 of them there. Srsly. I don’t know how anyone gets through there. Well, that’s not quite true, because I did get through there….it just took about 3 runbacks from Razor Hill. I was level 60 by this time. I gained two full levels just doing flames. But when the guards are 75 … yeah. (Trout, remind me to train tonight! Geez, I’m gonna need path of frost in Zangarmarsh.) Thunder Bluff was easier than I expected. Of course, I rode the elevator up with a level 80 drood, so I had a meatshield. Got killed by the guards after I got the flame but meh … I got what I came for. I also got all my armor either red or yellow from taking two spirit rezzes without repairing in between. Doh! Hearth to Dal, repair, portal back to lovely Stormwind. Turn in ….


Doesn’t she look lovely with her crown?


She also finished the Burning Hot Pole Dance. Tonight it’s the Ahune questline then on to the Outland flames. That’ll be a bit harder with no flight paths, but if Jaarka could do it at 49, she can handle it at 60.


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8 Responses to “In ur City, Stealin’ ur Flamez”

  1. forthepie Says:

    1) /gkick
    2) l2strip gear to avoid death durability loss
    3) /gkick again for good measure
    4) FOR THE HORDE!!!!!

  2. repgrind Says:

    stripping gear makes no difference for spirit rez, nub. If it’s in your bag, it takes damage.

    4TheHorde huh? Must be why you made a new Alliance toon last night. /snicker

  3. Grubs Says:

    So ya’ll are still hiding over there huh??? 😛

  4. repgrind Says:

    Hiding? We be recruiting, mon! We got one transfer already ….

  5. forthepie Says:

    Quit rezzing.

    Someone has to heal your goofy mage butt.

  6. repgrind Says:

    *points at Katia* You need your eyes checked? She’s the funniest looking mage I’ve ever seen.

    And she does have a healer. She’s got her “Sib, healz me nao!” macro all set up and hotkeyed. ^^

  7. Troutwort Says:

    Heal you, I most certainly can and will. Unlike certain PUG healers I’ve run into lately. I feel like I’m most critical of the healers that I PUG with on my DPS. I’m also most kind to them when I feel there’s a good one.

  8. repgrind Says:

    I show the good ones how much I appreciate them by casting misdirect on them. 😀

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