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Instancing Outlands

July 31, 2009

Now that several people in Crits are all in the low 60 range, Trout decided it was time to run some Outland dungeons. So last night after work I hopped on Katia and set about questing in Hellfire, to get the Ramps quest and, since she’s doing the tanking, the one to kill Arazzius the Cruel. The tanking trinket you get for the quest reward, Regal Protectorate, is quite good and usually lasts my DKs well into Northrend, and even into early heroics.

So, with that out of the way, we gather up some guildies and head into Ramps. We had Katia DK tanking, Sib tree healz, Jahafil enhance shamaning, Blue teh pally, and Cay the kitty drood. Yeah, melee x3, wewt. Things are going well until this one pull. Now, there had long been a joke, since before Katia even ran anything, that she had to have a raid warning macro that says “Sib healz me nao!” Well, she actually got to use it for reals. It wasn’t even a hard pull, but her health kept going down … she used everything she had, which at level 62 isn’t much … icebound fortitude, the trinket … that’s it really. She doesn’t even have the sacrifice ghoul thing yet. Oh well, she’s the only one who died. The conversation afterwards went a little something like this ..

Well, at least teh tree knows how to keep the healer alive…that’s kinda important, right? hehehe

Kat got a couple of nice upgrades there…the Mok’Nathal Clan Ring, which is really nice with that extra armor, and the Ironsole Clompers … yes, you read that right, they haz DEFENSE RATING. Huzzah! So she stuck a couple of the cheapo vendor +4 defense gems in the gem slots while she was in Honour Hold turning her quest in. Oh, and she dinged, too, so she had to death gate out to Acherus to train and change the rune on her weapon. She also sorta kinda .. respecced .. while she was there. Might as well get the tanky talents now, right? Always make it as easy on your healer as you can … except when you’re making it harder on purpose. 😉

So, training/respeccing/quest turning and gathering all done, I get summoned back to the stone. Ride over to Blood Furnace, zone in, and … YES! Teh nekkid bug!! Unfortunately, Sib was too fast this time, and he popped into tree form before I could get a screenshot. So if you want hawt nelf abs, you’ll have to look back at the ones of Trout. (Why yes, Trout, I DO get a kick out of linking that over and over. muahahah) Today, I bring to you instead … nekkid Draenei!

Jahafil and Blue ... exposed!

Jahafil and Blue ... exposed!

I think Katia is snickering over there in the corner.

BF went pretty well. We lost melee a time or two … mostly to those darn proximity bombs. But otherwise … heck, who am I kidding. We steamrolled the place. Katia got more loot. Yes, I drooled a bit over this one. My lovely Warsong Howling Axe. Sure, it might not have actually belonged to Grom, but it’s still totally awesome, lorewise at least. I kept using the Greataxe of the Ebon Blade for the night, though … the strength on it added to my parry rating. Ok, enough with the boring loot details. On to instancing!

With Hellfire Citadel out of the way, we headed off to Zangarmarsh and the Coilfang Reservoir. Some of us had the flight path, so we flew to Telredor. I had been there exactly *once* before, so after I landed, I was like …’um, how do I get off this place?’ LOL. I knew there was an elevator, I just wasn’t sure how to find it. Fortunately, I had a dancing tree to show me the way.

We got to the stone, went to summon the other two party members … and found out they were ONE level too low for the stone. haha! So I swam back out and met them at Telredor so I could give them Path of Frost over the lake.

Slave Pens went very well. At the end of it, I was less than a bar from 64, so we went back and found some trash that we hadn’t cleared so I could ding once more. I’m sure we’ll be going back to finish up the rest of the instances there. Guess I’d better start making friendly with Sporeggar!

One last screenie even though this is already too long.

Katia and Sib showing off their matching dresses.

Snapshots from the Road

July 30, 2009

BRIDGETON, NJ – Trout’s? come on, seriously … have you guys seen Trout? Of course you have, I’ve posted nekkid shots of him right here before. He’s one fine looking elf, but how many of them have you seen that know the first thing about power equipment? I’m betting the real brains behind this operation belong to Kalinnikov.

Honey, I’m Home

July 29, 2009

Did you miss me? Yeah, vacation’s over. Time to get back into the swing of things.

Man, it’s amazing the things that can happen in one short week of being /afk. Most of the horde guildies dinged 80 during the week, and all of a sudden, we’re running heroics like there’s no tomorrow and planning our first raid. Monday night we had 9, count em, NINE level 80s online at the same time.

So, we’re getting ready to run Nexus, but first they want to do the Ampitheatre of Anguish in Zul’Drak … so I log off Juna and onto Ditz because he’s 75 and can do it and get a nice axe to go with his nice … *cough* …. I get summoned to the Gun’Drak stone, and as I’m picking up the flight path there, Abadon goes “hey, does anyone need Gondria? I have him targeted” … hellz yeah! Hurry and switch toons, get another summon to the stone, hop on the epic flyer, and ….


Still unnamed, and up to level 79 after a couple of heroics. It needs to be epic. After all, my Loque is named Euripedes. Maybe this one should be named Troutwort? Ewwww….ok, maybe not.

Speaking of Alliance scum … Karius got three levels over the two days I’ve been home. He’s up to 33 now. A very nice guildy ran him and another level 30-something guildy through RFK and RFD. He was a little low for RFD, but that meant the xp was great! He got a belt and robe to wear when he hits 37 and 38.  Until then … well, he got a new robe to wear NOW when he killed a rare in the cave south of Darkshire. It matches his new black stallion  quite nicely, don’t you think?

Im too sexy for this horse.

I'm too sexy for this horse.

Yes, I spent 8g for another horse, even though he already has Pony the Pinto.  He looks so hot on him though, I just couldn’t resist.


July 19, 2009

New Horsey

Let’s split, Pony. We’ve got people to do and things to see. Wait … things to see and people to… aw, hell. We’re going on vacation!

How about we drop by Stormwind for supplies first?

As you can see, Karius did get his horsey last night. I somehow forgot to do my traditional laps around Dalaran though. In fact, he hasn’t even been to Dal since getting it. Must’ve been the excitement of not only getting to ride from quest to quest, but also new ranks of Pyroblast and Fireball. So he went a-questing instead.

Horde Stuff

Well, let’s not make our last post for a week or so an all-Alliance one. Ditz and Jaarka went to Violet Hold for the first time last night. Ditz got to DPS, even though I freely admit to sucking at melee. We got through it fine, even though one of our bosses was the Void and we took two tries on him. Not bad at all considering some had never been there and with the way things move along in there, we couldn’t take five minutes to explain the fight before the first try. It was an all-guild run, and everyone did a great job. Oh, and we had some fun beforehand, too. Always shenanigans in Ashes. ;D

Things Seen in Guild Chat

Oh yeah, remember that screenshot from the other night that I promised Trout I wouldn’t post? Well, I’m still not gonna post it….but I never promised I wouldn’t talk about it. So … Things Seen in Guild Chat Vol. 2.

The Scene: We’re running through Dun Morogh on the way to Gnomer, and Schubert is hitting mobs with his staff.

Karius: working on your staff skill?

Schubert: ;P

Schubert: my staff has skills

Karius: screenshotted

Just For Karon

Oh yes, Karius got this new robe for one of the Gnomeregan quests the other night. So of course, I had to get a shot of it for my dear Karon. What do you think, better on Karius or Elgar Kayle?










Alright, I’m outta here. See you all in a week or so! As I told Karon last night, be sure to get into trouble while I’m gone, k? 😀