See this little belf lock here?

Care to guess who he might be? Here’s a hint … in Ashes of Tirisfal, since pretty much everyone has lots of alts, each member’s note indicates who they belong to. This guy’s note? “Alliance Spy” … muahahaha.

Roz rode out to Hillsbrad to meet him, stopping along the way to desecrate the flame in Southshore. Returning the portal favor, they soon were in Dalaran.

The few members of the guild who were on who don’t actually read the blogs were probably quite confused by guild chat last night, but oh well.

Welcome to the guild, Troutwort! You not only came over to join us, you actually spent real cash to transfer to our server! Woot! We are happy to have you.  Now I just have to catch something up to your level … guess I should have been working on that last night instead of getting Karius to level 10, eh? Oh, and … fire melts frost. Huzzah! ^^


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21 Responses to “Success!”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Woot thanks! I was pretty excited about my Horde toon for the first time in a long time. You want to know how many friends Teufel had on Eonar? None. So sad. So it was an easy switch for me.

    I’m really hoping that work starts to chill out so that I can start getting home at a decent hour again and thus have some time to actually advance this little guy. I’m so terrible at warlock though–hopefully that will change!! I might have to roll something else on the server as well, something less warlock-y.

  2. repgrind Says:

    I believe Pie is the one who keeps telling me “If you have empty character slots, you’re doing it wrong” ….

    I still have one. Not to mention the 7 open slots on Winterhoof. Of course I need a nelf drood … and uh … hm. Well, I’ll come up with something that doesn’t include gnomes. ^^

    As far as the lock, well … my priest is 21, he can catch up quickly enough, especially with his heirloom shoulders. PW:Shield and a couple healz should help with that little dying problem you’re having. Or there’s also my 21 prot warrior … won’t heal ya, but he will keep aggro off ya. Of course, he’s also waiting on his level 11 healer to catch up. (Jaarka, level yur shammy, nub)

  3. Troutwort Says:

    A friend of mine rolled a lock on my account and I helped her level it up some, she wanted to do demonology and that seemed to have much better stability then affliction, maybe I’m just doing something wrong. Ha ha. I better read up on this.

    Pie is probably right, if there’s empty slots, something is wrong. Between my two accounts I only have 3 empty slots on Winterhoof!!

  4. repgrind Says:

    I’ve heard demonology is better for leveling, but not having played one myself, I’m no help beyond that.

    BTW, I’ve moved your link in my blogroll up to the section with my other guildmates’ blogs, and created a special section for my Crits toons. I have a feeling Kyrandre will be joining them with her own armory link soon. Katia seems to have started a trend, I may have to name them all with K.

  5. For the Pie Says:

    Hrm..husky female belf….not my first choice…but hey..whatevah floats your boat..

    I guess I should log on to see what level it is. I prolly have someone close. One of each class will do that to you.

  6. repgrind Says:

    At least it’s not a gnome >.<

  7. For the Pie Says:

    Based on Roz’s info in google chat. Your character is 28. I have a couple of folks close to that level, including a priest and a rogue, both belfs, but of the smexy gender.

  8. Jaarka Says:

    I’d just like to say… giving my awesome quote (about empty character slots) to a Gnome-lover is… ugh.


  9. repgrind Says:

    Oh noes! Sorry. /comfort

    Pie didn’t bother to correct me though, now did he?

  10. Jaarka Says:

    That’s because my quote is pure awesome!

  11. repgrind Says:

    Of course it is!

    Man, I should stop, your head doesn’t need to get any bigger. xD

  12. Jaarka Says:



  13. For the Pie Says:

    How do you know i didn’t say it first?

    Fikkle prolly has more characters on one server than both of us have together in all.

  14. For the Pie Says:

    Okay I lied. I have a rogue at 30 and some folks at late 30’s early 40’s, including the priest.

    And a lock at 22.

  15. Sibyll Says:

    Haha, the name ;-D I understand it, must be tha real warlock inside meh! (well, or my motherlanguage ;))

  16. Trout is a Sad Panda « Crits and Giggles Says:

    […] in the future.  I need more stamina too, I’m playing him too much like a mage.  Roz got a great screenshot and posted it up, I took a few as well so that I can later infiltrate their base find my way around […]

  17. Troutwort Says:

    Ha ha! I thought it was a great name for a warlock. And I like when people understand it and let me know, it’s kinda fun.

    @ Pie – Well, I wanted to see the BElf starting area, but the females look, well…wimpy. Not that a warlock needs to be tough but the BElf females look…toothpicky? I probably should have made a female orc, there are scarier than the males! (Jaarka – by scarier, I mean more awesome.)

  18. repgrind Says:

    Trolls are win.

    I did just spend a couple hours leveling my male belf pally. Nothing wrong with them, just too many kids playing them. I probably should have done engineering though, male belfs + goggles = hawt.

  19. forthepie Says:

    If they let any other race on the Horde side become paladins, I would delete and reroll…okay take that back, if they allow orcs or Taurens to become paladins…

    Although Belfs are the only Horde race without a spinal issue. Every other race stoops.

    Belf and Draenei starting areas are all win. Well put together, clusters of quests for same areas, not a ton of running back and forth for one quest etc. Plus you actually get gear you can use.

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