Fire Festival Fun

This weekend saw the kickoff of the Midsummer Fire Festival, so naturally, my weekend was spent getting ganked enjoying the festivities.

Sunday evening Junahu  joined up with some guildies and stole the flames from the Alliance capital cities. (see previous post for screenshot). Then she spent all day Monday finishing off the rest of the flames. A good portion of that time was spent in the company of Jaarka, who needed her protection to do the Outlands flames. At the end of the day, she had everything completed other than killing Lord Ahune, and she still needed more blossoms to buy a pet.

Yesterday … all the flames were reset. Now, those flame quests were giving great experience for Jaarka. Seriously, I just asked him how many levels he got off our flame runs, and he says he got 9 (like..from 45 to 54). So Juna and Jaarka hooked back up and ran around doing them again….at least until Juna had enough blossoms for a pet. Here they are having a bit of fun in Thunder Bluff before heading out.


After Juna had her pet, I switched over to Ditzul to get him some of that yummy xp. Just before we were ready to ride to Darkshore, however, the guild got a group together to kill Ahune. So I got back on Juna and Jaarka collected his level 71 mage, and we all went and killed Ahune five times. He dropped the pet on the last go, and Grubs won the roll. Grats, Grubbies! But Juna got her title, and now has ALL the holiday stuff completed except, of course, for Brewfest.

Ditz and Jaarka spent the rest of the day dousing flames, so now Ditz has all of Outland and the Eastern Kingdoms done, as well as a good portion of Kalimdor. Perhaps I’ll get him a title too, if someone wants to run and steal Alliance capital flames with him.

P.S. I hear a couple of my guildies have also rolled DKs over on Winterhoof to play with Crits and Giggles. As soon as they get out of the starting zone, we’re gonna have some fun, so if anyone else is thinking about having a good time on the Alliance side once in awhile, there’s always room for more!

(as long as you are polite, helpful,  respectful, and enjoy having fun. messing up Trout’s guild or dis troll be eatin’ joo, mon)


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4 Responses to “Fire Festival Fun”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Seriously, 9 levels?!?! Is that recruit a friend bonus or no? If not, I seriously need to get on this holiday!

    Also I forgot Ahune drops the mini-pet! I’ll need to remind the guildies so we can get in there, we all have an assorted collection of mini-pets so we really should be farming that thing.

  2. repgrind Says:

    No RAF … not even heirloom shoulders. A bit of exploration (Outlands at level 49 haha) but really, most of it was from the honor/desecrate the flames quests.

  3. Jaarka Says:

    Yar, no bonuses at all… well, except for the 10% kill bonus from the poledancing. We didn’t kill a *whole* lot when I was alive, though. xD

  4. Sibyll Says:

    It’s freakin’ awesome how many exp you can make with just going to the fires. Even the ones in the old world give the same as in northend. I started yesterday with my druid and will go on today, a relaxing alternative after a few days hardcore questing 😀

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