Downtime – Alliance Version

So, last night as Pie and I were happily going about the collection of honour, the battlegroup went down …. again. Anyone out there remember what to do when this happens?

So ..what do you do when your realm is down? Make DKs on other people’s servers of course!

 I followed my own advice.  The target wonderful person I chose to visit is one who I have threatened promised to hang out with in several comments, and likely would have sooner if not for the fact that I just have never really played Alliance side.

So I rolled up a draenei DK, and within minutes I was chatting with Troutwort and had a guild invite to Crits and Giggles. Everyone was really nice and seemed to be having fun. There was a lot of friendly chatting, some talk of doing a heroic, potential future plans to run some Kara, members checking their banks for some items someone needed to level their leatherworking, a run through Stocks for a couple members at that level … basically just what I was hoping to see. I feel most at home in a smallish guild where there are less than twenty people on at once, but everyone who IS on genuinely enjoys chatting and playing together.

Katia made it out of the starting zone, and even managed to track down Wrynn in Stormwind. (BTW, isn’t that just the most awesome name? It fits her perfectly.)


By the time I used tracking to locate the inn and collect my hearthstone, it was getting pretty late. I ran into Trout in front of the bank and we stood around and chatted for a few, and I promised to come back and visit again soon. The suggestion of running Ramps with guild members had nothing to do with the promise ..  I swear! hehe. Ok, maybe a little. The game is a million times more fun when you have people to do things with.

I’ll be back! (imagining Katia saying this in her best Ahnold impression is hilarious to me)


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9 Responses to “Downtime – Alliance Version”

  1. Special Visit! « Crits and Giggles Says:

    […] on our server!  I was running about my usual nonsense, and I get a whisper from Roz over at Repgrind, her battlegroup had gone down and so she thought she’d check out the Alliance.  Rolling a […]

  2. sylus Says:

    sounds like DK #023475603458098 was fun!

  3. forthepie Says:

    alliance? Alliance?

    Of course I just went and watched TV and then when I came back and it had more issues, I logged onto my dorf hunter on Drenden to see what was up. Of course he is naked and has no gear so…

    I didn’t even think to make a DK…

  4. repgrind Says:

    It’s like I told Trout … I was on a secret undercover mission to try to subvert everyone in his superawesome guild and get them to roll trolls on our server.

  5. Eldadres Says:

    Sounds like you had a fun time, I should do that sometime when my group is down… *sneaks*

  6. theerivs Says:

    Katia is such a cool name for a DK..

  7. forthepie Says:

    oh and btw….Draenei Chicks…are hawt….

  8. End of the Road « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] about three weeks later, my server was down. Looking for something to do, I rolled a DK over on Winterhoof and whispered Trout. I was rewarded with a prompt ginvite. I intended just to […]

  9. Two Years?!? « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] I ever got crazy enough to play Alliance I’d check it out. One night Dawnbringer was down, so I rolled a DK on Winterhoof  .. and the madness […]

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