Yes, you read that correctly. And yes, I’m bragging about it. I’m sure there are people out there who will say “1300? lol l2pvp” and others  who will say “2v2 is not serious” … but hey, it’s our first season and more importantly … it’s the first piece of gear I get to buy that requires a certain rating!

I must admit though, the path through the 1200’s was a precarious one. There were many ups and downs .. heck, we started so badly last night that we dipped all the way from 1257 back to 1207. If the other team is double dps … most of the time we win. Heck we beat two different rogue/ret teams, a double rogue team, a rogue/DK team.  If they have a healer … I know what the strategy is supposed to be, but have a hard time with the switching and conserving mana until we have them set up to burst one. 

There was one team last night, holy pally/unholy DK … we played them four times. The first three times we tried to control the pally and kill the DK and got completely pwned. After the third match I told Fiak “I’m ready to quit if we have to face them again.” Well, when they came up again, we decided to ignore the DK and go all out on the pally and force them to change strategy. I did toss a sheep or two on the DK, but otherwise we threw everything we had at the pally, hit him with a counterspell at half life followed by a fear, and he was dead. The DK didn’t wait around to be killed, he AFK’d out. Chicken.

That was the big victory of the night, realizing that we needed to try something different, and having it work. I am not, however, going to tell you about the shaman/lock battle, in which we killed the lock in the first three minutes, and the next twenty minutes was spent with some idiot troll mage chasing the resto shammy around one of the pillars in Blade’s Edge arena. I’m still not sure whether I actually finally learned how to keep him in LoS, or whether he got bored and let me get him.

Leveling Lowbies

A couple nights ago, I was talking about how my warrior was about ready for WC, but has no one to heal him. So Jaarka pipes up, “I can catch my shaman up to him, I owe you a WC run anyway since my hunter outleveled your priest too fast.” I’m like, oh cool, I’ll hop on my baby shaman and play too. His is level 2, mine is level 6, so I go train my gathering skills and go mining and flower picking on my way down to Valley of Trials. He’s level four by the time I get down there, so I go find him and have to do a double take. HAHA! We’re almost twins. Man, after the Jaarka/Roz pirate shot, and now this one, I might have to find a way to get more ‘Jaarka twin’ screenies.


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2 Responses to “1308”

  1. Tsunami Says:


  2. Eldadres Says:

    Nice work on the 1308! My team is climbing closer to that goal every week!

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