Up Too Late

Fiak and Rozjin went on a PuG Naxx 25 last night, hoping to upgrade our weapons. Meh, he’s got purple anyway, what does he need an upgrade for? I was the one still lugging around a blue spellblade from heroic UP, although I was only 4 champion’s seals from getting an upgrade at the Argent Tourney.

Anyway, for a PuG this was a very well-organized group. I dislike doing 25 man….there are just too many people in one place for me….but this was probably the least painful 25 man group that I have been in. Yeah, ok, so a lot of people couldn’t dance … although some of them were probably victims of the disease since Fiak was the ONLY one cleansing it. Hello there, other priest and oh look, a couple of paladins, too.

We did wipe once on Patchwerk … that was totally Fiak’s fault. Ok, fine, maybe it’s not his fault that his computer decided to crash in the middle of the fight, but still … we’d have won if he had been healing. Speaking of which … he led the healing meters. Hmm….didn’t Amber’s flowchart say that if a disc priest is leading the meters, we are supposed to say ‘what the hell?’ and disconnect? Muahahahah.

So anyway, when we went in they had downed Razuvious the night before, and then the battlegroup went down. So we went in and killed everything but Thaddius (because it was 12:30am server time and people needed sleep), Sapph and KT.  I was nowhere near leading meters, but I stayed alive (even on Heigan), I decursed on Noth, and I kept my QQing to a minimum when Loatheb dropped TWO sets of tokens for my coveted T7 shoulders that I want sooooooooo badly and have to roll against every DK on the server to get, and of course I lost the roll. Yes, I know that was a horribly constructed sentence but I don’t care. All I want are those smexy shoulders. /sniff

Ah well, apologies for the crappy screenshot, it was 2am. Although the shoulders are still #1 on the wish list, the immediate goal of upgrading the weapon was accomplished. Feast your eyes on this beautiful Damnation and its luscious 111 stamina. That will certainly make it easier to hit 1300 this week so I can start upgrading my hateful stuff to deadly. =)



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9 Responses to “Up Too Late”

  1. Troutwort Says:

    Gratz man! I too dislike the 25-mans as much as the 10. There’s just too much going on and as a healer is far too tempting to wander from my assignment and I see ALL those bars dropping.

  2. forthepie Says:

    Can’t you get a pally tank into these groups? Sheesh…

    Poor tank.

  3. Fiak Says:


    SO much pally stuff dropped. It kept getting DE’d. Pally shield, pally weapon, pally shoulders, pally libram, pally everything.

    You should have come. You completely missed out.


    (haha, just kidding. I don’t know if any pally stuff dropped. Who cares about plate anyway?)

  4. repgrind Says:

    There was quite a bit of plate tank stuff. They even gave those tanky gloves to a warrior for offspec because no one wanted them and they were going to get sharded.

    There was a ton of mail, too, and not all shammy stuff. There were some nice leggings that Juna could have used.

    Not much caster stuff for once, other than some drood leather. Bah! Leather.

  5. gnomeaggedon Says:

    Grats on the stick… I got mine last week… it looks wicked!

  6. repgrind Says:

    Aha! I KNEW I’d seen one somewhere recently. It looks even more wicked now that the enchant is on it.

  7. Fiak Says:

    Yeah. No upgrades for the poor disc priest. Kinda a side upgrade from tier 7.5 shadow pants to 7.5 healy pants, but in retrospect, I should have passed on those. There will be no difference in my healing.

    My only thought was that it would be easier for me to keep the 2 piece 7.5 set bonus (extra tick of pom) if I ever got some ulduar gear if I had an extra piece of the 7.5 healy stuff. So I was planning for a future that never came.

    and lost by two on that mace off KT. that was sad.

  8. repgrind Says:

    It was sad. That is the best healy mace before Ulduar. It would be like if I lost on The Turning Tide by two. 😦

    Well, I’m sure we’ll be back in there at some point. I still need 29 emblems for my shoulders.

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    […] Has Dragons! By repgrind Remember Damnation? Roz still has it in his bank. This … might be even prettier. But I’m getting ahead of […]

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