Oh, I’m supposed to actually post once in awhile. Darnit! I knew there was something I was forgetting. I’ve been too busy creating alts to get anything else done. /shrug

Actually … I got two levels on Ditz, and he tanked Nexus today. Fiak let him die when Keri enraged though. I mean, you know, just because he was undergeared (def 361 lol), underleveled (70), and in a pure dps talent build(nub DK just faceroll it lawl) doesn’t mean it isn’t the priest’s fault if the tank dies, right? The quest rewards put his defense over 400 though, so he will be better prepared next time he tries to tank something.

Zerbrez did WSG today for the heck of it, while he waits for Pie to actually get on and play with him. FORTY minutes. Now I remember why I hate that place. He hung out in the flag room with the flag carrier for 30 minutes. I know it was that long because the Fort buff had to be reapplied. Apparently the ally twinkies got tired of turtling, because after that we capped 3 in quick succession to earn Warsong Perfection. Zerb got 25 honourable kills … and all he did was heal the flag carrier and toss a SW:Pain out once in awhile. But still…40 minutes! ugh

Cruljin is 16 now and torn between waiting for a couple people behind him to catch up, and getting a couple more levels so he can sit around and wait for Pie to be on to play with him. OR … just smacking things around and doing whatever he feels like and if he outlevels them all, too darn bad. But alas … he can’t do any of them as long as the server is down. /cry

Oh, don’t forget to collect your battle bots. Mine will be waiting in my mailbox as soon as the battlegroup is back online. =D


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4 Responses to “What?”

  1. smart001 Says:

    Claim the Battle-Bot? How do I do it, MT dew Site is blcoked at work now. I assume I have to log in and tell them to mail it to me? And can you send the Bot between toons like the little anniversary bear? INFO DAMN IT, INFO :). I am excited to go to lunch now and figure this out. Maybe the wifey is at home i can make her do it.

  2. repgrind Says:

    There’s a box on the bottom right of the Dew Fuel site that you click. Sign in with your battle.net account, then sign into WoW and they are in each character’s mailbox. If you haven’t converted to a battle.net account, you will have to do that in order to claim the pet. (I hadn’t done it before last night).

    Unfortunately, the item is BoP and consumed when the toon learns the spell, so I’m not sure whether toons created later or who don’t pick up the item from the mail within 30 days will be able to get it.

  3. Troutwort Says:

    Oooh, thanks for the tip on the battle bot, I’ll have to let everyone know.

  4. smart001 Says:

    OK thanks, I will check that out tonight and point my wife in the same direction.

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