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Karius & Kyrandre

June 30, 2009


Karius finished up Elwynn Forest yesterday. At the end of it, he found himself facing the legendary Hogger. His guildmates warned him not to try it alone. One of them even suggested he go in with nothing less than a 10-man raid. He simply raised an eyebrow at them and went to have a look for himself. ‘Dost they not know that I am a master of magic?’ he thinks to himself as he works his way through the gnoll camps, collecting their armbands along the way.

Then, as he targets the next one, it has a golden dragon frame and 666 health. ‘Aha, so this is the one.’ An epic battle ensues, but finally, the foul beast lay dead at his feet. What’s that, you say? Screenshot or it didn’t happen? Ok … completely unedited, crappy UI and all.



Yes, you finally get to meet Kyrandre. She and Punkinpie had finished Azuremyst Isle the other day, but now Pie wanted to do Westfall. So Kyra had to get to Stormwind. She made it as far as Teldrassil before that cheeky little gnome Schubert caught up to her.

(Yes, she knows Teldrassil is NOT on the way to Stormwind. She took the wrong boat on purpose to honor the flame in Dolanaar.)

Restraining herself, she managed to keep from punting the gnome until after they got to Dalaran. In fact, she didn’t punt him at all until after he put 50g in a trade window for her and then cancelled it before she clicked. So then, he tries to make it up to her with THIS!

*edit to add …. that little imp beat me to posting!


June 28, 2009

See this little belf lock here?

Care to guess who he might be? Here’s a hint … in Ashes of Tirisfal, since pretty much everyone has lots of alts, each member’s note indicates who they belong to. This guy’s note? “Alliance Spy” … muahahaha.

Roz rode out to Hillsbrad to meet him, stopping along the way to desecrate the flame in Southshore. Returning the portal favor, they soon were in Dalaran.

The few members of the guild who were on who don’t actually read the blogs were probably quite confused by guild chat last night, but oh well.

Welcome to the guild, Troutwort! You not only came over to join us, you actually spent real cash to transfer to our server! Woot! We are happy to have you.  Now I just have to catch something up to your level … guess I should have been working on that last night instead of getting Karius to level 10, eh? Oh, and … fire melts frost. Huzzah! ^^

Operation: Conversion

June 27, 2009

Pie and I spent the evening last night hanging out over at Crits and Giggles. We’re working very hard on our attempt to convert Trout’s guild and convince them to come reroll Horde on our server. Obviously, the next step in our program is to create even more toons on their server and get them into their guild. So far, so good! I mean really, considering Trout’s mage (gnome, frost, EEEEK!) travelled to both Elwynn Forest AND Teldrassil to port us BOTH to Dalaran, we are clearly having great success infiltrating his good graces.

Sum drood is Punkinpie and my baby mage Karius wasted no time once we were in Dalaran.

We’re in your beer garden, dancin’ on your tables! haHA! Take that, Alliance!

King and Queen of Dire Maul

June 26, 2009

All shall bow before our might….YAARRRRRR!



Also, Lazurin accompanied Ditzul to capture the Alliance flames so Ditz could finish off the title. So, yes, I now have two toons with the title. >.>