Familiarity Breeds … Comfort?

What makes an encounter/boss/instance easy? A comment in Khaeli’s post today got me thinking about this. 

” Violet Hold, Gundrak, and Utgarde Keep are the easiest heroics, in my opinion.”

I started to reply in the comments section, but realized that it was going to be somewhat long and rambly, so I came here instead.

Gundrak has had a tendency to eat up groups that I am in, especially that very first snake boss, Slad’ran. Whether undergeared or too disorganized or whatever the case, we get too many adds and lose someone to snake wrap or people get in the Poison Nova and take too much damage and … yeah.  When Roz was leveling, a group he was in wiped on that boss about 5 times before giving up and going to another instance. He beat him eventually, but still hasn’t been back for the Heroic version.

Violet Hold can suck depending on which bosses you get and whether your group knows the fights. Getting the Void boss and then Xevozz … and wiping and having to go back and do it all over again? /cringe But, if you know the fights, it’s a 30 minute romp for a few emblems.

When we want 5 emblems, we go to Nexus. We feel that it is one of the easiest heroics. I can see how that might not be the case though, again, depending on the group. That extra commander boss, with his whirlwind that eats up melee and his ability to fear you into adds if you’re not careful about pulling him clear back … yeah, that has the potential to be a difficult fight. But we’ve done it so many times. Back on the old server, when I tanked on my DK … I’d get very nervous and be scared to tank if it was anything other than Nexus or UK. One of those, though? NP! Let’s go.

I’ve also seen it mentioned recently that someone thought UP was one of the easiest instances to learn to tank in. Even an experienced group will likely /shudder at the thought of facing Skadi. He’s not the easiest of bosses, what with the gauntlet, the adds that don’t stop spawning until you force him down with enough harpoons, and, again, a whirlwind that eats up melee. If you take too long with the harpoons, you run into mana issues for the healers, and an overabundance of adds … but if you’ve done the fight enough times, it becomes no big deal.

TL;DR – The easiest heroics are the ones you are most familiar with.

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7 Responses to “Familiarity Breeds … Comfort?”

  1. Khaeli Says:

    Oh snap! I meant Draktharon Keep. I friggin hate Gundrak, particularly as a priest. It was the daily heroic yesterday, which I contemplated running on my druid but opted not to, even though I could cure poison.

    I do agree with you here. I’ve seen groups fail to make it through the first boss in UK. I’ve seen groups miraculously sail through UP. I think it does depend on how familiar folks are with these instances — whether they ran them repeatedly on non-heroic, for example, and “learned” the encounters before the added difficulty of heroic mode.

    /goes back to edit her post 🙂

  2. repgrind Says:

    haha. Yeah, Drak’Tharon isn’t bad. I love the last fight against Tharon’ja where he turns you all into skellies … and if I pop my mirrors right before it, they keep throwing frostbolts at him.

    Now, if I can just get someone to do Oculus with me … just once, to get the achievement for finishing it … /sadwalk

  3. Slig Says:

    I have the easiest time with Nexus and Halls of Lightning. In AoT, we ran Nexus for emblems a lot so it became a groove. I hate hate HATE Violet Hold. I never completed it once. I got the VW *every* single time. One of the worst pugs I ever had was in VH, so it has bad memories all the way around. I tried Oculus. Once. Ugh. I can’t even remember if we finished it (I doubt it, you’ll have to ask the guys). After I got better at “Aces High” I wish I’d tried Oculus again. Maybe it would’ve made more sense? Nah… Doubt it.

  4. forthepie Says:

    Slig, we finished VH and got the VW. It’s not a hard instance if you have the group. Your group was full of phail. As Nim says, that means twice the fail of the word spelled correctly.

    I don’t think Oculus is that hard. I think I’ve done it on Halkale, I just checked, I’ve done it on Halk on Regular, but not Heroic.

    I’ve never done Gundrak. At all. I want to.

    Nexxus is easy, because if you know the fights they aren’t hard…UNLESS you are in melee, and then 3 of the 5 suck. Actually Oromork or however you say it, sucks worse in ranged than in melee, because you have to move most of the time.

  5. 8o8 Says:

    Yuck. I hate Oculus with a passion. A passion like burning watermelons in July in preparation for Halloween, to find out, you have no pumpkins!

    And I do still hate when I get into a pretty fail group in VH or something.
    The macho “IMMATANK” DK w/ 15k health and the superman superiority complex healer with 9k manas “I’M A DROOD LULZ I DON’T NEED MANAZ”
    scare the sht out of me. Like seriously.

    If I’m on my lock, I am scared shtless. If I’m on my hunter, thank God for feign death. Srsly. Chances are, I’m FD 90% of the time.

  6. repgrind Says:

    Well…Ormorok sucks if you’re a hunter, because you have to stay out of melee range unless you want to be swinging your stat stick at him. For a caster, you just stack on the tank and fling spells at his crotch.

    Nexus is a lot of fun to tank, though, imo. I always got a kick out of jumping up and down in Keri’s face. Ditz is looking forward to getting to run it. Only a few more levels, he’s at 66 now.

  7. Troutwort Says:

    As a priest, Gun’Drak can be a nightmare with all that poison. I actually find the most challenging ones to be Oculus and HoS. We always seem to get relaly over-run with adds on the final boss in HoS. After having to SW:Death the boss once to finish him saving us from a total wipe, I haven’t gone back.

    I mean you’re right, the ones you’re most comfortable with are the ones you find easiest–which may explain my hatred for Oculus, HoS, and general dislike for HoL.

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