Troll Trio

Yeah, it’s still busy here at work, so you get treated to another round of screenshots in lieu of something with more substance. Deal with it. So today I present to you: My Three Trolls. Ok, technically I do have four, but Kurby is busy taking care of business for me in Orgrimmar, so you’ll have to wait until he has a few free moments to spare.

First we have Zerbrez.  My baby priest is up to level 14 now, much to Ditzul’s disappointment. He is shown wearing the hawt outfit that Pie’s priest made for him, although he did pick up a Robe of Evocation in RFC after this screenshot was taken. Huge thanks to Fiak for the runthroughs, which allowed him to gain a full level without having to kill anything.


Speaking of Ditzul … he’s made it up to 65. He soloed the two elite naga in Zangarmarsh last night at 64 … yeah, maybe not the greatest of accomplishments, but it wasn’t that easy for Roz. He’s still behind his leveling partners a bit … Grubs has been tearing up the BG’s in the 69 bracket. Maybe he can catch up while the big cow is distracted.

Check out this helm…isn’t that just the coolest thing? The horns on it look totally AWESOME with his huge tusks.


And last but certainly not least is Rozjin. He finally got his “of Sen’jin” title this week, and got Jenkins at the guild’s Tuesday Fun Run as well. He’s gotten quite good at the jousting. His arena ranking is up to 1154. He got his T7 gloves in OS the other night. He spent a bunch of his emblems on a necklace and offhand … blah blah blah … he’s been a busy troll. Aaaaaaand …. he finally got one of these.


Man, I need to start taking screenshots as soon as I log on, when it’s still light out. Oh well.

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One Response to “Troll Trio”

  1. Priestgiblet Says:

    Sounds like you guys are having fun so far this week, i’ll probably be off and on this weekend since i’m pretty busy getting things ready to be packed and shipped next week.

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