Am I Done?

When Roz transfered servers, I left my bank alt in the guild that he had been in. He was subsequently removed from the guild, so I sent a mail to the GM asking why. His response, in part, was, “It seems you’re done with Earthen Ring.” I had to think about that one for a long time. Am I done with Earthen Ring?

 Zeem has logged on each day to take care of my AH business. Juna has logged on to do her fishing and cooking dailies, and maybe an Argent Tourney quest or two. There hasn’t been a single person online to talk to or do anything with, so she has simply finished those and logged off again.

Log over to Dawnbringer. Someone says hi before I even say hi. No one to talk to? There are two or more people logged in on the guild every time I’ve been on. Only once were Fiak and I the only two online. There is almost always some lively banter going on in gchat. Yesterday I was even juggling gchat, pchat, and whispers all at once…and fighting an elite at the same time. No boredom there!

So how about people to do things with? Last night Ditz ran the two Hellfire instances with Sy’s DK. Afterwards, we got on our 80’s and ran Heroic CoS with Pie, Fiak and one pugged dps. Then Fiak and I did a couple of BG’s before bed. The night before, Roz and Pie helped a guild member with the group quests in Dragonblight …then Roz stayed and quested with her until Fiak invited him to Heroic VH. After that, Fiak and Roz did some arena (14-12, meh, at least it’s still a winning record). Another guildy and his brother were doing arena at the same time, and we actually faced them in a match. THAT was kinda weird yet very cool. The day before that….where are we now, Tuesday? …. Ditz hung out with Grubs doing group quests in Hellfire. And I think Roz did a Heroic or two with Pie and Fiak. The days are running together now because there is just SO MUCH going on. In fact, Ditz missed out on running the Hellfire instances with Grubs and Abadon the other night because it was while Roz was doing arena. Yeah, that’s right…there are so many people to do things with, that I actually have to choose between things to do. AWESOME

Almost lunch time, I’d better wrap this up. Friday is ‘raid night’ amongst the group of people on Earthen Ring that I had been running with. Almost none of the original group who started Naxx are still doing it. There are some nice people in the group, it’s not that there are people I dislike. It’s just that…I don’t feel like I belong there. Heck, no more than two people are even in the same guild. They play together because it’s a way to see the content.

In Ashes, everyone is part of the guild. I may not have been there long, but I feel like I’m part of the group. We may not be quite ready to see Naxx, but when we do … it will be as a guild….all together….a team. THAT is what was lacking for me.

I am done.



5 Responses to “Am I Done?”

  1. Slig Says:

    Dude! We’ve done 1.5 wings of Naxx already! 😀

  2. gnomeaggedon Says:


    Enjoy your new home… have they T-bagged you yet?

  3. sylus Says:

    LOL< gnome, we wouldn't do that to her! she's not tea bag worthy! but, if you come to the horde side with us! guess whos getting face full of um…teabags???

    Roz, I'm so happy you joined us, you have been a great addition to an already awesome group of people!

  4. forthepie Says:

    Not yet….

  5. Priestgiblet Says:

    ummm, i got bagged in the PuG Naxx i did, I also would have to agree that i have been enjoying my time since i joined as well.

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