Season Six – New Beginnings

With the move to Dawnbringer came the erasure of our arena team. We had discussed the fact that this would happen, and determined that, only three weeks into the season, it would be easy enough to catch up to where we were. After all, we had played something like 104 games and had a mid-800’s rating and a .400 ish win percent.

After the quick transfer, I was like, “Hey! We can make a new team and still get our points this week!” I was actually pretty excited about that. I know, I know … I always hated pvp. But it’s so much fun on Roz. So I headed down to the Circle of Wills and made us a new team. Yeah, that’s right…this time I got to make the team, pick the name, design the banner, and be the captain. I guess that means I get to shoulder the blame when we lose, too.

Well, needless to say, now that we had a small bit of experience under our belts, this start was much better. We went 22-11 for a nice juicy 66% wins and a rating of 835 … right back to where we had been, in fewer games. We beat a good number of teams with a rogue … six to be exact…two of them twice … although one of the two came back late in the night when we were tired and got some revenge.

We had nine wins in a row at one point. Here is proof of one of two things … either we are getting better at beating rogues, or we just faced some pretty bad ones that night. In that 9-win streak, we beat FIVE teams that had a rogue on them. Well … ok … four teams, one of them twice. Compare that to the previous weeks … heck, LAST week … when I was gushing because we beat ONE rogue.

Well, time to get off my high horse. Nine in a row. Neither one of us was saying it was nine, but we both had looked to see how close we were. Talk about being nervous. We go in. Blade’s Edge … the ramps. Delicious or dastardly LoS issues, depending whether you are the one hiding or not. Mage/DK … good, no stealthers. Hah. I almost wished afterwards that it had been. We stand down behind a pillar for awhile, they’re not coming down we’re not going up. Meh, let’s go to the ramp. Open fire on the mage. He pops his mirrors, I’ve got him almost dead … I get CC’ed, come out of it … I’ve got 3 mirrors, 1 water elemental, 1 ugly orc DK and 1 ghoul surrounding me. I’m frantically trying to target the mage and he’s not in range. DK is pounding me, I’m hollering in vent ‘where’s the mage! where are you!’ and finally ‘help!’ as I blink off the bridge and ice block in a desperate attempt to stay alive….the other mage’s health blinking red the whole time. Of course as soon as ice block fades I’m death gripped and killed….I’m too mad to even bother releasing to spectator status, lying there in a pool of death and decay as I watch our Hot Streak achievement disappear once again.

It wasn’t anything that could be blamed on either of us alone .. we simply didn’t communicate and it cost us. While I was disoriented, the mage went down to the ground level and Fiak followed….which of course put us out of LoS with each other. If we were double DPS like the other team, it wouldn’t be an issue, but when there are heals involved … meh, it was one match. We learn by our mistakes. But it still sucks, because that’s the second time we’ve come that close. Well, there’s always this week. =D

(man, it took forever to get this posted today. there was a lesbian fight here at the zoo and my phone was ringing like crazy. darn work interfering with blogging time.)


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6 Responses to “Season Six – New Beginnings”

  1. forthepie Says:

    Lesbian fight at the zoo.

    Film at 11?

    That sounds like it might be another arena post!

  2. zupa Says:

    hang on tell us more about this lesbian fight!

    was it taronga?

  3. Fiak Says:

    See? I told you. You could have posted the cure for cancer and if “lesbian fight at the zoo” was buried in the text, that is what people would want to know about.

    You want more traffic? Name your blog “Lesbian Fight at the zoo”

    Shoot, I might name my band that. It’s wonderful.

  4. repgrind Says:

    I must admit, I had to google Taronga. I can tell you about the Caulfield Cup or the Cox Plate … but I guess I haven’t paid enough attention to zoos down under. (I’m in North America)

    Check out the pygmy hippo calf on the front page! Awwwww!!

    *edit because it’s too early in the AM to correctly speel Caulfield

  5. Slig Says:

    Okay, were the lesbians animals at the zoo? Or people who were lesbians visiting the zoo? I’m so confused…

  6. repgrind Says:

    hehe. People who were lesbians visiting the zoo.

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