Hanging With the Horde

So, the fun folks over at For The Horde posted yesterday that they are recruiting. I couldn’t pass up a chance to go hang out, so I rolled up a troll priest and set about smiting everything while I waited for Slig or Sy to get on.

I get through the Valley of Trials, pick up quests in Sen’jin, and am on my way to Razor Hill when a level 12 orc shaman invites me to group. About the same time, Slig comes on and whispers me, so we chat for a few, then she throws me a ginvite and says she’ll be back a little later.

I tell the shaman I’m just on my way to Razor Hill and he says ok, so I go and pick up quests there. Pretty soon he comes running towards town hollering about how he needs me to heal him while he kills this guy. *groan* Well, you roll a priest you can expect to get asked to heal, even at level 6. So I go help him kill a level 11 rare.

I run around some more with him, completing the Tiragarde Keep quests while he RPs being in command and taking over the keep for the horde. Kinda funny, I go play around on a ‘normal’ server for one evening and find more RP than I usually get on my RP server.

I run back to Razor Hill and by this time, Sy has come on and is whispering me. He asks me to invite him to group, so I tell the shaman a guildy needs my help and group with Sy’s DK….who is standing right behind me. Surprise! lol. He gives me some bags and a bit of gold, then we run down to the Echo Isles and knock out all the quests down there. Man, starting zones are EZmode when you have a DK killing everything for ya. So we hopped on vent and had a good ole time running around and chatting until Slig came back on. She got on a level 5 lock and she and I went and killed some more stuff while Sy went to skin and pick flowers in the Barrens.

By the time they logged to do RL things, my little priest was a bar from level 9.  And I had SO much fun that I forgot to take any screenshots. Doh! Well, maybe tonight … and a link to my little dude as soon as he hits 10 and makes the Armoury.

As for actually transferring….that is not a decision I could make lightly and will require time, thought, and conferences with Fiak, cuz I ain’t goin nowhere without him. But I’ll definitely have fun playing around there with my priest. I’d been thinking about starting one anyway and had no character slots available on my main server, so … yeah.


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10 Responses to “Hanging With the Horde”

  1. Lora Says:

    “And I had SO much fun that I forgot to take any screenshots.”
    Hehe, I have that too all the time!

    – Lora

  2. forthepie Says:

    Welcome to the madness!

    I will be on pretty much all day tomorrow as I am taking a mental day to play some wow.

    As an FYI, a couple of us have characters not in AoT, I have two bank alts I play, but if you find someone on the blog online they can usually find the others.

    Oh and several of us are maxed on characters too. I have one of each class on Dawnbringer.

  3. sylus Says:

    I was fun, and the herb grind is at 235 atm…I hate herbing…

  4. repgrind Says:

    Herbing is fun! Not to mention the amusement of watching your big bad Death Knight picking flowers. /snicker

  5. Fiak Says:

    Man. I hate meeting new people. I’m not sure I can leave. After all, there’s…

    umm, nobody will group with me any more.

    Hmm, it might be an entire new set of people to put me on /ignore.

  6. Lora Says:

    Herbing is indeed not fun: http://lorawow.wordpress.com/2009/04/17/my-first-post/

    Epic comic (third picture, scroll down)!! XD

    – Lora

  7. forthepie Says:

    Can’t fail at herby anymore.

  8. Lora Says:

    The comic is still awesome anyway. ^^

  9. gnomeaggedon Says:

    Ohhh the suckered you right in didn’t they…

    Come over… we will give you gifts… we will help you kills mobs…. (we will steal your soul)… damn filthy Horde…. ‘-)

    Looks like Sy is looking after you too… he’s a fantastic host, and I found the vent chat very entertaining… the once or twice I joined them online.

  10. Slig Says:

    We are crazy wit teh shenanigans, I tells ya! Had a lot of fun with you guys. Just wish I wasn’t so bored with the game in general lately…

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