A Winning Record!

Ya, you read that right. We actually had a winning record in arena last night. 1-0! Ok…just kidding, although we did win our first match. We were actually even something like 9-3 at one point. Then we started running into rogues and druids again. We seem to do really well against double dps teams, unless they have one of those two in them. So far those are the two classes we have the most trouble with. We ended at 16-14. Might do some more though tonight or tomorrow.

Some memorable moments….

  • a 10 minute battle, in which most of the time was spent chasing around a lone Holy pally who was oom and kept getting on his horse and LOSing us in Blade’s Edge. I used evocate twice (the 4min cooldown) and Fiak got out the shadowfiend twice, that’s how long it was. Fun times.
  • a DK/shaman team in which the DK died so fast that when I switched over to the shaman Fiak asked me in vent “where’s the DK?” Actual quote from Fiak, “I was getting face punched by 3 wolves, a ghoul, a DK, and a shaman, and you’re wondering ‘how did he not see me pwn face?'” hehe
  • ROGUE/mage … yes, we beat a rogue team! The other mage and I were both oom, but Fiak kept him busy while I evocated ….I came back around the pillar and the gnome saw me with that nice blue mana bar and he afk’ed. Wuss! Come back and die like a man! lol. Yeah, so we got them next fight and this time they focused me instead of Fiak. That one was over fast. But we beat a rogue! 😀
  • My favourite … warrior/DK. We fight a lot of warriors, it seems, and I had to learn the hard way that you can’t CC them while they’re bladestorming. Anyway, they focused on Fiak. That seems to be a sure way to lose, actually. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to save him, and he died just before I finished off the warrior with an MBAM/ABarr. So now it’s me and the DK, mano a mano. Ok, time to bring out my friends. So while the DK is busy killing my mirrors (lawl?) I’m sitting back casting AB until I get an MBAM proc. He closes, I frost nova, move away, throw an ABarr and a fire blast at him … he closes again, it’s gonna be tight, I’m down to 95 health (!!) …ABarr, yer dead. HAHA. That was pretty awesome.

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2 Responses to “A Winning Record!”

  1. gnomeaggedon Says:

    lol nice one!

  2. Fiak Says:

    We’re winners!

    Well, kind of. We actually had nine wins in a row. One short from the hot streak achievement. I think we needed to get that in the 700 rankings…

    After only 100 games, we’re noticeably better than we were two weeks ago. Double non-stealth dps was probably our strong suit. We haven’t gotten a good strat yet if someone is getting double dps’d by a stunlocking rogue, but other than that, I haven’t minded the lower ranked double dps teams. Frankly, I like fighting DKs because I can dispel/abolish most of what they do. Hunters die quick if we’re able to cc their partner – hunter tries to burst me down, he’s going to melt under a mage left alone and he’ll take serious damage from me while I’m healing through whatever he’s putting on the mage.

    We did go 1-1 vs a double warrior team. Double MS and spamstring and bladestorm can be ugly if we don’t get one of them controlled immediately.

    So far, so good. Next week, we push (hopefully) to 900s and then…. a four digit ranking!


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