My Apologies

I hadn’t intended to make Zeem so hard to find that the screenshot wouldn’t appear…although the unintended effect is kinda funny. So, here is the real screenshot.


Don’t look for too much about him, though. It’s not gonna be some ‘leave me alone I don’t wanna do heroics I wanna level Roz’ type thing like before. He’s stalled at level 15 at the moment, while his partner in crime is already 30 and riding around on a horsey.

Speaking of Roz … (what? Did you really think I could do a post without talking about him?)… he spent most of my Mon-Tues weekend in Wintergrasp and battlegrounds. Monday he had something like 874 HKs and 26K honor earned … just in that day. Yesterday I used the honor as well as some of his arena points to purchase the other two parts of his Hateful set. I also used his WG marks to get a new trinket…the one with 111 spellpower and a 2min cooldown on the ‘get out of cc free’ button. He’d been using the 5min cooldown with no other stats insignia. Yeah, yuck.

So after all that pvp, Roz headed to Icecrown to try jousting again, when one of his friends logged on .. so being slightly bored I whispered her to see how she was doing. That resulted in an invite to Naxx-10.  Seeing as how the one item I want most is the T7 frostfire shoulderpads I wasted no time in switching specs and gear and heading in.

It was eight people from one guild, plus Roz and his friend. The main tank had not been to Naxx before, so we went slow and the RL explained everything before each fight, etc. They were pretty awesome IMO, and we only wiped once on Anub’Rekhan and a couple times on Maexxna. Yes, we only got the Spider wing down because of going slowly, but that actually fits my style much more than racing through things. I get flustered when tanks take things too fast.

There was one other mage there, a female troll. Perhaps I’m just strange, but it struck me as being very funny that she was really a guy on vent, and of course, I’m not, even though Roz is.

Got a couple of things in there, some nice new Gloves of Dark Gestures, which match my ugly Miasma Mantle and Robe of Blameaux nicely; and the Watchful Eye. Everything put together has my hit sitting right at 289. Perfecto. Going back tonight, so maybe we will get through either Plague or Construct and the shoulders will drop. Cross your fingers!


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One Response to “My Apologies”

  1. gnomeaggedon Says:

    Sounds like a great (k)night!

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