First Look at Ulduar

Friday night our Naxx run was cancelled because there weren’t enough tanks and healers who wanted to go. Finding people to try out Ulduar though? No problemo. I went on Juna since she is the most geared.

Flame Leviathan was great fun. I know some people are not thrilled about having a vehicle fight in a raid, but being a fan of the vehicles in SotA and Wintergrasp, I thought it was pretty awesome. It was actually the first time I had ever driven one…being ranged dps, I’ve always been a passenger so I can attack from my perch on a Demolisher. It took about three tries for us all to get the hang of it, but we got him down alright….and this was with only one person in the raid having done the fights before, and only one other person having watched videos or read strats. He (it?) dropped a really awesome trinket, the Pyrite Infuser, with hit and a chance to proc an attack power increase. The Troll won the roll for it, replacing the Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood, which is exactly what Juna would have been replacing. Yay for huntar loot!

XT-002 took a few tries as well….learning where the adds come from, which ones need to be tanked and which ones need to be burned down, staying far enough apart without running out of healing range if you get the debuffs, etc. One piece of advice I can give you is to bring lots of bandages for this fight. The timing of the tantrums is just right so that you can bandage after each one to reduce the strain on the healers, who must heal a massive amount of damage to the entire raid from this attack.  Juna got the Gloves of Taut Grip off of him, so it was really a good night for us hunters.

Razorscale was interesting. We actually got him permanently grounded once, but then a stray add took out a priest and … yeah. On the tries after that we were extremely unlucky or something, as the amount of adds coming out in the beginning was tripled, with a Sentinel coming right away each time, and it was just too much for our tanks and heals to manage.

Our tour guide then took us to see Kologarn, promising that it would be epic. He told us nothing about what we were going to be seeing other than that, and had a good laugh when we wiped on the darn trash before even getting to him. Seriously, it might be nothing to hardcore raiders, but to us … the trash in there is hard! So after we figured those out, he had us walk up the stairs and all enter the room at the same time. I must admit, it is pretty impressive the first time you walk in there. We lasted a grand total of 58 seconds. Mr. Smartypants Shaman was laughing so hard he couldn’t talk on vent, and had to type EPIC! as a raid warning instead. We did come back and give it a somewhat serious try after that, and didn’t do too badly, but it was late and we were tired and really aren’t quite ready for that.


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2 Responses to “First Look at Ulduar”

  1. velinath Says:

    Hehe, yeah. When you walk into Kologarn’s room for the first time it’s a bit of a shock =)

    On the subject of vehicle-based combat, I was a bit worried when I first heard that Flame Leviathan was going to be done with scaling vehicles – but it seems that Blizzard managed okay – the fight is pretty well done.

    Grats on the progress!

  2. Ulduar! « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] … I finally made it back to Ulduar. Long-time readers, if you exist out there, may remember the one and only time I got there. I was still a huntard then, and was distracted by the excellent dps the under-geared […]

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