To Know The Enemy …

…you must become the enemy.

So, after our brutal beatdown the other night at the hands of every team with a rogue on it, my partner commented that it might be helpful to actually spend some time playing a rogue to better understand what they can do.  I (half) jokingly suggested that we level our bank alts, who both just happened to be rogues.

You know…If I could draw comics, I would insert one right here. Heck, maybe I’ll try to draw one anyway.

Yeah, that’s right…I leveled my bank alt. When I got home from work, my buddy already had his rogue Fiakest up to level 18. Mine was only level 8, so I ran his butt down to Sen’jin and got started.

By the time I got to level 10 and got my first talent point, I realized I knew absolutely nothing about rogue talent trees. Fortunately, google had me covered. I punched in ‘leveling rogue wow’ or something to that effect, and ended up at Slice and Dice. You want rogue guides for the (semi)beginner? Samuel’s got ’em. From basic descriptions of what rogues are and the basic mechanics, to brief explanations of the playstyles of each tree along with how to spend your talents along the way, it’s all here. So for the moment at least, I’m trying out combat and Fiakest is doing .. one of the others. Assassination I think. Apparently I was having fun, I got to level 13. I even kicked Barak Kodobane’s level 16 butt when I was level 12. Good times.

Well, without further rambling, allow me to introduce Zeemmamba … if you can find him.

wowscrnshot_043009_2142271Yes, yes,  I know those are cloth caster shoulders. But they still give the 10% xp bonus, so until I get my hands on leather ones, they will have to do. 😉

P.S. The armory appears to not be working at the time of posting, so if you get errors trying the character links, that would be why.

P.P.S. Yes, another male troll. I can’t help myself, they are just … cool. If my priest wasn’t already level 41, I’d reroll him as a troll. Heck, I still might. ^-^

And…just for Tsunami …. hermaphrodite muppets. >.>


Gosh, I almost forgot! I spent all of last night on Zeem…mouse turning! I didn’t even change my keybinds, I just sort of … started doing it. I even did it later when Ari went to tank a couple bosses in a partially cleared Nexus run.


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5 Responses to “To Know The Enemy …”

  1. Arrens Says:

    Most arena rogues are Subtlety specced, with a few points put into the Combat tree for increased damage. Subtlety gives them increased movement, Combo Point (CP) generation, and an instant removal to all colldowns like Vanish and Evasion. Plus, way down in the tree, you have Cheat Death, essentially a must-have for PvP rogues.

    The trick to beating a rogue is ensuring he always has a bleed effect on him. This will negate his ability to stealth and vanish for very long. Cloak of Shadows removes all curses and damage over time effects. Except bleeds. We have no way of getting out of that. So if you have something that can make a rogue bleed, use it. Love it. And keep it up at all times to ensure the rogue can’t make a quick escape and open up with the stunning Kidney Shot.

  2. repgrind Says:

    Let me just search through my mage spellbook here … hm, no bleeds. Maybe I should level my warrior? /sigh
    Or I could make my priest switch to his druid.
    Or I could continue trying to talk my rogue friend into doing 3s with us.
    Or…just hope we get lucky and can CC one or the other long enough to burst one down.

    Thank you for commenting, I really love your blog. =)

  3. Sibyll Says:

    Bash’a no falor talah!

    Love rouges. Sibyll too, by the way, haha!

  4. gnomeaggedon Says:

    I want your drawing ability!

  5. samueltempus Says:

    Let me know how the rogue leveling goes. 🙂

    – Sam

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