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An Honourable Kill

May 31, 2009

Warning! If you enjoy the usual care bear, ‘see how much fun we had last night’ type of posts that usually appear here, and  can’t stand any QQ or anger, particularly against members of the opposing faction … stop reading now.

Everyone with me that actually wants to continue? Ok, good.

So, last night Pie’s mage Ozarka and my little priest Zerbrez were questing in the Barrens. We did the Guns of Northwatch, and then waited around for the guy for the escort quest to respawn, as someone else was already doing it. Anyone who’s ever done this quest before, knows it’s a pain. You have to walk the guy back through the hold as well as the entire pirate gauntlet all the way back to Ratchet.

Well, we’re doing fine, heck, there are two of us and one of us can heal, but the guy goes so slow and aggros everything within a mile on purpose. We get about halfway through the gauntlet, and suddenly there’s a raptor in the middle of the fray and a hunter standing next to me pew pew’ing away with his noisy damn gun. ‘Oh, good,’ I think, ‘he’s helping.’ Mouse over him and see that he’s a level 17 dwarf. Target the NPC again … oh crap! He’s freaking trying to kill my damn escort!! Shield .. wtf. I can’t shield the NPC. Spam heals … finally the guy runs up ahead and the NPC comes back to us, safe and sound and no longer tagged.

We get farther up, almost to the end … bam. Here’s the damn huntard again. Spam heals … thanks to the change in down-ranking, I can cast smaller heals faster, but for the same mana cost, so there’s really not any advantage to downranking unless I need a tiny heal fast. The only possible outcome: my mana pool vs. autoshot + pet = oom priest … the only question is how long it will take. Quest failed. Sonofa….

Now, here’s the real kicker. Alliance can attack the guy, and WE CAN’T FIGHT BACK because the NPC doesn’t have a pvp flag so the dwarftard wasn’t flagged, leaving us no option other than to lose the mana war. How the hell is this fair, Blizz? At least when they kill the questgivers in the Crossroads (which happens every day on this server – seriously, don’t the alliance have anything else to do? bunch of freaking losers) they are flagged and we  can bring in our 80s and drive them away, at least temporarily.

Well, Pie challenged the guy to a duel and then flagged. Apparently that used to flag the opponent as well, but doesn’t work any more. Once the dorf won the duel though, he killed her and flagged himself. (Apologies on the gender, Pie, I tend to use the gender of the toon when talking about them). So, when Pie came back, as soon as she rezzed I threw a shield and heal on her and we beat the little red-headed shortie into submission. Well, ok … we threw spells at him, not a literal beating, but still … we killed him dead; and immediatly got grats from the two guild members still online when the “An Honorable Kill” achievement spam popped up.

I’m still pretty burned about it though. Fair warning to anyone, especially alliance, in my battlegroup … I hope you’ve already gotten your games in for the week, because Roz is doing arena tonight. You have been officially notified, don’t come crying to me when we wipe the floor with you.

Familiarity Breeds … Comfort?

May 29, 2009

What makes an encounter/boss/instance easy? A comment in Khaeli’s post today got me thinking about this. 

” Violet Hold, Gundrak, and Utgarde Keep are the easiest heroics, in my opinion.”

I started to reply in the comments section, but realized that it was going to be somewhat long and rambly, so I came here instead.

Gundrak has had a tendency to eat up groups that I am in, especially that very first snake boss, Slad’ran. Whether undergeared or too disorganized or whatever the case, we get too many adds and lose someone to snake wrap or people get in the Poison Nova and take too much damage and … yeah.  When Roz was leveling, a group he was in wiped on that boss about 5 times before giving up and going to another instance. He beat him eventually, but still hasn’t been back for the Heroic version.

Violet Hold can suck depending on which bosses you get and whether your group knows the fights. Getting the Void boss and then Xevozz … and wiping and having to go back and do it all over again? /cringe But, if you know the fights, it’s a 30 minute romp for a few emblems.

When we want 5 emblems, we go to Nexus. We feel that it is one of the easiest heroics. I can see how that might not be the case though, again, depending on the group. That extra commander boss, with his whirlwind that eats up melee and his ability to fear you into adds if you’re not careful about pulling him clear back … yeah, that has the potential to be a difficult fight. But we’ve done it so many times. Back on the old server, when I tanked on my DK … I’d get very nervous and be scared to tank if it was anything other than Nexus or UK. One of those, though? NP! Let’s go.

I’ve also seen it mentioned recently that someone thought UP was one of the easiest instances to learn to tank in. Even an experienced group will likely /shudder at the thought of facing Skadi. He’s not the easiest of bosses, what with the gauntlet, the adds that don’t stop spawning until you force him down with enough harpoons, and, again, a whirlwind that eats up melee. If you take too long with the harpoons, you run into mana issues for the healers, and an overabundance of adds … but if you’ve done the fight enough times, it becomes no big deal.

TL;DR – The easiest heroics are the ones you are most familiar with.

Troll Trio

May 28, 2009

Yeah, it’s still busy here at work, so you get treated to another round of screenshots in lieu of something with more substance. Deal with it. So today I present to you: My Three Trolls. Ok, technically I do have four, but Kurby is busy taking care of business for me in Orgrimmar, so you’ll have to wait until he has a few free moments to spare.

First we have Zerbrez.  My baby priest is up to level 14 now, much to Ditzul’s disappointment. He is shown wearing the hawt outfit that Pie’s priest made for him, although he did pick up a Robe of Evocation in RFC after this screenshot was taken. Huge thanks to Fiak for the runthroughs, which allowed him to gain a full level without having to kill anything.


Speaking of Ditzul … he’s made it up to 65. He soloed the two elite naga in Zangarmarsh last night at 64 … yeah, maybe not the greatest of accomplishments, but it wasn’t that easy for Roz. He’s still behind his leveling partners a bit … Grubs has been tearing up the BG’s in the 69 bracket. Maybe he can catch up while the big cow is distracted.

Check out this helm…isn’t that just the coolest thing? The horns on it look totally AWESOME with his huge tusks.


And last but certainly not least is Rozjin. He finally got his “of Sen’jin” title this week, and got Jenkins at the guild’s Tuesday Fun Run as well. He’s gotten quite good at the jousting. His arena ranking is up to 1154. He got his T7 gloves in OS the other night. He spent a bunch of his emblems on a necklace and offhand … blah blah blah … he’s been a busy troll. Aaaaaaand …. he finally got one of these.


Man, I need to start taking screenshots as soon as I log on, when it’s still light out. Oh well.

I’ve been tagged!

May 26, 2009

Hey, my first tag, courtesy of good ole Uncle Sy over at The World of Sylus! This has been going around awhile and so far I’d managed to escape. You see, I have no photo editing skills whatsoever. None.

Here are the rules:

1 – Go to “wikipedia.” Hit “random… Read More”
or click
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.
2 – Go to “Random quotations”
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.
3 – Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4 – Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.

And … this is what I got.


Yeah, pretty ugly. Oh well. hehe. Now I have to tag people? Hmm….

1. Euripedes – because if he has done it, it hasn’t been this month, and I still love his blog even if he doesn’t write as much as he used to.

2. Gnomeaggedon – the only one I know who could convince me that gnomes are cool.

3. Arioch – because her attitude shines through in every post and makes me smile.

4. Sibyll – thanks for being Rozjin’s biggest fan 😀

5. and .. how bout Motley – she doesn’t write about WoW much, but I bet she’d get a kick out of this

Thanks Sy! I can finally say I’ve been tagged. :p