WTB Instant Rogue-kill Potion PST

We didn’t waste time getting started on this week’s arena matches. We were going along pretty well, and even had won more than we had lost, at one point sitting at 14-12 for the night. Then we ran into a string of teams that all had a rogue on them. Now we’re 16-23.

Nothing sucks more than coming into a battle against two opponents who are both stealthed. Ugh. This one team was rogue/druid and we had absolutely no answer for how to beat them.  And seriously, how many ways are there to get out of sheep?

Another team was rogue/DK and every time we got them it was the arena where you are lifted up on the elevator. DK pops lichborne and can’t be sheeped, the rogue appears behind my priest in a blur of daggers, and my priest is dead before I’m done casting my second polymorph.

The rogue/priest team … sigh … we almost beat them once. I had the rogue down to 4k health, and the priest came out of sheep and feared us, then healed the rogue right back up to full. /cry

I’ve been trying to talk a rogue that I know into trying 3v3 with us, since I keep reading how good Priest/Mage/Rogue is … but he insists that rogues suck in Wrath, even for pvp, and he’s playing his hunter and paladin now instead. Rogues suck? Huh. I’m not seeing it. /shrug

Edit: I just saw that Megs over at Out of Mana has closed down. Man, and just when I needed arena advice the most. Noooooooo!

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One Response to “WTB Instant Rogue-kill Potion PST”

  1. Dangerla Says:

    Rogues did kind of suck for a bit…but not for pvp, only pve…now we suck not at all.
    Oh no…now we pwn.

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