S6: Week One

So … I mentioned earlier that my disc priesty buddy wanted to try 2v2 arena this season. Early in the week we tried 3 matches, and died horribly to go 0-3. Knowing that we were going to be finishing our 10 matches for the week tonight, I decided to shell out the gold for dual specs and at least go in with a real pvp-centric spec instead of the usual 57/3/11.

Fortunately, Velinath over at Fireball Spam posted an arcane build that he* has been testing out in duels and is curious to see how it holds up in the arena. I have a couple points moved around, but otherwise followed it pretty closely.  It held up pretty well. I expected us to go 0-7 and go drown our sorrows at the Legerdermain. Instead, we went 15-20 and actually … had a great time!

Somehow I need to find a way to move some points into Incanter’s Absorption. You see, unlike Velinath, who is doing 5v5 in a four DPS team, I am only doing 2v2 with a disc priest as my partner, so I will be the sole recipient of the lovely bubbles (other than himself, that is). It’s funny … I had mentioned the talent to Fiak as we were waiting for the first match to begin, wondering whether it was worth taking and would work well with PW:Shield. Then here we are, after I have logged off for the night, and I see that Matt Low posted over at Wow Insider earlier tonight about the synergy between arcane mages with this talent, and disc priests. Granted, the article was focused on raiding Ulduar, while here we are talking about arena, but that doesn’t change what it does. There were a few times tonight where we were lacking enough burst to finish a player off. Perhaps this would provide the extra spellpower to do it. I will be testing it out for sure.

*my apologies, Velinath, if you are not a he.

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2 Responses to “S6: Week One”

  1. velinath Says:

    <–Is a he. =)

    If anything, I’d move 2 points out of Arcane Fortitude since you’ll be getting eaten alive by melee anyway, throw those into Absorption.

    As for the third point, maybe go down to 1/3 Arcane Meditation.

    Really happy to know this is working for you! =)

  2. My new PvP spec « Fireball Spam Says:

    […] Shield to get Absorption going – it’ll work with a Disc priest’s bubbles, though, as repgrind pointed out. Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Achievements; why I’m not fire spec; PvP, […]

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