Naxx-10 clear!- Part 3

This will be the final installment in this series. I have no other characters anywhere near 80. Three is enough to keep me busy. (Famous last words? Hmm….I was casting penance in my dreams last night…and I dusted off my level 41 spriest this week …  >.>)

Rozjin  got to go to Naxx last night. It’s been an amazing run with him. On February 5, at level 12, he  completed Ragefire Chasm … at that point I certainly never expected to be posting just a few weeks later that he had cleared Naxx. What’s that you say? Screenshot or it never happened? Ok.


We one-shotted everything except Four Horsemen but we got them on the second try. We almost had to call it after clearing the four quarters when our druid and priest had to leave, but there were two other priests available to step in who had run with us before, so we elected to go ahead and finish it even though it was late.

I was pretty happy with the dps output. I was scoring anywhere from 2200-2700, depending on the fight. I’ll have to look on the screenshot at home to double check it, but I believe the dps on Patchwerk was 2762. That’s right up there with what my hunter does.

Gear. Rather than critting you with a wall of text, I think I’ll post Roz’s collection of trophies in a bullet list. So, in something somewhat resembling the order of acquisition:

The Gown of Blaumeux looks very sexy paired with the Miasma Mantle. Unfortunately, the shoulders are pretty ugly paired with anything else. Too bad there’s no option to hide shoulders, because you know darned well I’m wearing my tier robe. Here is the final result…


I bet you can’t guess what I’m doing tonight. Yep, gems and enchants. It was 1:30am when we downed Kel, so I had to get right to bed. Well, right to bed after turning in the token for my T7 robe and taking that screenshot. Priorities, ya know?

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    […] forward to April 13 … Roz dings 80. By April 25, he had cleared Naxx….and he’s pretty much worn the same exact gear ever since. *sigh* The Naxx group broke […]

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