It’s Cold Out Here!

The gnome started it. Actually, I suppose it would be more accurate to say that Syrana started it. Those warlocks are always up to no good, eh? Well, I did state in the comments that I would be posting this, so here you go. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.



The first rule of loot drops

If you get an upgrade, the very next drop you get, will upgrade your upgrade, while the rest of your gear will continue to suck.

I commented yesterday in Gnomaggedon’s post about being jealous that he had gotten his tier robe already, while Roz only had a new pair of heroic pants. His FIRST piece of heroic gear, even. So, after doing Wintergrasp again last night (I’ve been on a mage pvp tear since hitting 80…I’ve gotten 500 HKs in the last two days…more on that later), most of the raid group I was in stayed on to do heroic Vault of Archavon. Ok, I’ve got enough hit for heroics, but not even close to enough for raids; but heck, it’s only a VoA pug, amirite? Well, he dropped the Valorous Frostfire Leggings and I won the roll. Yeah, my two toons who have each cleared Naxx, and even Naxx-25 in Juna’s case, don’t even have a single piece of T7.5 between them … and now Roz is sporting these bad boys. Ah, the irony!


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3 Responses to “It’s Cold Out Here!”

  1. gnomeaggedon Says:

    Looks like I have a lot to answer for….

    Round Gnome bellies > scrawny blue troll bellies!

  2. repgrind Says:

    Funny story … the night I dinged 80, I told my friend I had something to show her, and I stripped and got out my mirror images and danced with her. She wasn’t amused, but a nearby gnome mage was, and he got out his mirror images and danced naked with me. Naturally, it made me think of you. hehe

  3. And Now … « Reputation Grind Says:

    […] … I know what you all REALLY want to see. After all, I did it for Roz, because he had to show off after Gnomer did.  And THEN …. Schubert had to outdo us all. […]

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