One More Level To Go

One more level to go, Sweet Elune, one more level to go. Sitting uptown at the Legerdermain, one more level to go.

Ok, maybe William Hung wasn’t so bad after all.

It could be tonight, but most likely will be sometime tomorrow on my day off. Juna has already gathered the mats to make a Hat of Wintry Doom. Roz has the arcane glyphs stored in the bank. I have delayed installing them. I am loathe to give up my Glyph of Evocate.

Late last night, I was doing the first quests in Jotunheim, where you challenge the fighters on the shelf. There was a prot warrior from the realm’s top progression guild there killing things. After I tagged one of the four named ones you have to defeat, he charged in and helped kill it. I didn’t need help killing them, but I said ‘thanks’ because it’s always better to encourage helpfulness than to act like a jerk. He said ‘you start them off and I’ll help kill them’ so I said ok. After finishing off the last one, he turns to me and says ‘Wow, you kill them fast lol’ …. my reply was something along the lines of ‘haha, yeah arcane is pretty wicked’

Questing with it is both fun and not fun. I helped a couple guys with the Hero’s Burden quest in Sholazar the other day, even though I’d already done it. They were very grateful for the help. I told them the truth. ‘It’s fun getting to kill something that doesn’t die before missile barrage even has a chance to proc.’

I’ve driven my guildies nuts gushing over how much I love arcane. They did appreciate the port to Dalaran after the CoS run though and said they’d keep bringing me along. =P

Well, this was a bit of random rambling now, wasn’t it? That’s what happens when I stay up waaaaay past my bedtime because ‘I only have 3 and a half bars to go!’


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One Response to “One More Level To Go”

  1. ithilir Says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog, mon!

    I don’t have much against trolls in particulair, other than that they smell bad. And they look ugly. Ok so maybe I do have a lot against trolls.

    But you’re Arcane, so it’s all good 🙂

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