I Think I’m in Love

Fire and I have officially broken up. I hope he doesn’t take it too hard…but I’m sure he will feel very hurt. After all, we were together for 75 levels. Frostfire … he doesn’t really count. He was like a summer fling. He’ll find someone else. A lot of someone elses, most likely, as I see many raiders sporting an FFB build. Arcane … oh, lovely arcane. How I do love thee.

As soon as I finished respeccing to get slow in my build, I hit the practice dummies just to play around.  Almost before I got started, I get a whisper from one of the priests I ran VH with the other day, asking if I wanted to go to Halls of Stone. I’m 77, she’s 75, I’m thinking … are we up for that? But I accepted. And then being one of only two persons in the party that could fly, I had to fly to the stone and summon. I had zero flight paths going there, so I picked them up along the way.

Alright, long story short, we killed everything. Sorry, it’s busy at work today. So .. we moved on to Gun’Drak. At least in this one, there was one fight (Moorabi) where all I had to do was stand still and fire spells in some semblance of a set rotation. So I hit all my iwin buttons (Arcane Power, Icey Veins, my spellpower trinket) and went all out with the Arcane Blast x 3, Arcane Barrage (or Arcane Missiles on Missile Barrage proc) x1 spam. 2K dps at level 77  in crap gear … yeah, you can bet I’m hooked good. Now, that’s not going to happen most of the time because most fights aren’t tank n spank. But that’s ok, part of the fun of arcane is adjusting to conditions.

The other fun part of arcane is the burst damage. Fire had plenty of burst … that’s one of the reasons I loved it. Frostfire…not so much.  Frost … no idea because I have never tried it and to be honest, I have no desire to try it. Nothing against it or those who play it, it’s just not my style. (I don’t wanna piss off frost mages if they’re bringing replenishment, ya know)

So I was doing quests out of Zim’Torga in Zul’Drak, and near the end of Har’koa’s questlines, you must kill this level 77 elite warlord. You get an enchanted tiki warrior thingy as your guardian, but as I quickly found out on my first attempt, the warlord aggros on you first anyway. So I had a plan going in for the second attempt….burst. But not before losing aggro. So I hit invisibility first and let that tiki thing take a beating for a few seconds. When I came out of it, I hit the aforementioned iwin buttons and went to town. Arcane Power, Icey Veins, trinket … start casting. Slow first…it’s bound to the same key as my Hunter’s Mark/pet attack macro, so it’s pure habit to hit that button as I’m commencing to attck. ABx3, ABarrx1 … whoa, would you look at that! We’ve taken off half the dude’s health already! Two more AB … uh oh, there’s yellow around our unit frame. Halfway through the third AB and we have aggro. Ooh, but Missile Barrage procced … super sexy sonic arcane missiles away! He’s dead two steps from getting to me. Such power!


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