Naxx-10 Clear! – Part 2

Last night, we only had one tank signed up for our weekly 10 man run. So I went on my DK Arelin instead of the hunter. As we were getting the raid together, a prot pally who has often run with us came online and was added to the group. He brought along another prot pally, so I actually got to DPS the first three wings. I had the option to bring the hunter but since ALL of our DPS was ranged, I figured it would be good to stick with the DK.

Melee DPS is much different than playing a hunter. Some things about it were much easier though, at least to me. Heigan seemed a lot easier, although that may have been as much because of the 15% increase in run speed from my unholy aura than for any other reason. Loatheb … oh my, Loatheb was fun. I really got into a rhythm with my rotation, timing my Death Strikes perfectly to fit into the 3 second window when Necrotic Aura has faded. If I kept my diseases up properly I could mostly heal myself with the Death Strikes and let the healers concentrate on others. As a bonus, he dropped my tier shoulder token. First epics, wewt!

Before we had started the run, one of the paladins stated he’d been having connection issues that could crop up at any time. Somewhere between Gothik and the Four Horsemen he dc’ed. Here was my chance to exact revenge on Thane Korth’azz for turning my hunter into tauren burgers. I bungled the first attempt bigtime, but we got the Horsemen down easily enough on the second try.

We moved on to the Construct Quarter. I never dreamed I’d be main tanking Patchwerk. Another DK tank that I have run 25 man on with my hunter had asked me once what I usually did with my DK, presumably wanting to know if I preferred to main tank or off tank. I answered honestly. “I usually just farm ore and make Saronite Arrows for my hunter.”

Construct was a blast too, actually. Patchy was easy. Off tanking the slimes on Grobbulus was a little bit harder. Three debuffs then taunt and trade off with the other tank on Gluth? Yeah, that was totally fun. Tank throw on the Feugan/Stalagg encounter leading up to Thaddius? WHeeeee! Yeah, you can sign me up to tank that quarter any day of the week. And since Gluth and Thadd were nice enough to cough up my tier chest and leggings, I’ll actually be decently equipped next time.

I won’t bore you with details on Sapphiron. Even with no frost resist gear, the paladins’ frost resist aura is more than enough make up for it. Kel’Thuzad was easier than I expected. Then again, with two tanks and only one melee DPSer, positioning wasn’t nearly as difficult as it can be when you are loaded up front. I off tanked the adds when they came in, grabbing them and dragging them to the back of the room … close enough behind the shaman to get heals, but far enough away to not get anyone else in an ice block. Here is the end result ….


And of course, afterward, even though it was well past my bedtime and I had to work this morning, I went out and gemmed my new gear. I love love love the look of the tanking shoulders. So, here I am in my shiny new 3 pieces of T7.


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5 Responses to “Naxx-10 Clear! – Part 2”

  1. Sibyll Says:

    Congrats, congrats and erm congrats! 😀

    I want to try to tank that one day too (when my dk hits 80 .. IF she ever does ;-)). At least your describtion sounds awesome 😀

  2. repgrind Says:

    It really was fun. Now I just need to finish leveling Roz so he can get in on the action too. Only 7 levels to go … >.<

  3. Sibyll Says:

    And that 7 levels feel so endless, bleh >.<

  4. repgrind Says:

    Yeah, but after last night it’s down to 6 and a half. I’m trying to think about it one level at a time….i.e. only half a level and I can port people to Dalaran! (um, yay?) Two levels and I get frostfire bolt! (hmmm….) Three and I can get started on the Oracles questline! (you’d think after the Loque hunt I’d hate Sholazar, but it’s truly one of my favourite zones)

  5. Alt Week: DK | Reputation Grind Says:

    […] was the first character I ever tanked on, clearing Naxx in Wrath, which was also the first raid tier I participated in. Then I … switched to playing […]

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