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WTB Instant Rogue-kill Potion PST

April 29, 2009

We didn’t waste time getting started on this week’s arena matches. We were going along pretty well, and even had won more than we had lost, at one point sitting at 14-12 for the night. Then we ran into a string of teams that all had a rogue on them. Now we’re 16-23.

Nothing sucks more than coming into a battle against two opponents who are both stealthed. Ugh. This one team was rogue/druid and we had absolutely no answer for how to beat them.  And seriously, how many ways are there to get out of sheep?

Another team was rogue/DK and every time we got them it was the arena where you are lifted up on the elevator. DK pops lichborne and can’t be sheeped, the rogue appears behind my priest in a blur of daggers, and my priest is dead before I’m done casting my second polymorph.

The rogue/priest team … sigh … we almost beat them once. I had the rogue down to 4k health, and the priest came out of sheep and feared us, then healed the rogue right back up to full. /cry

I’ve been trying to talk a rogue that I know into trying 3v3 with us, since I keep reading how good Priest/Mage/Rogue is … but he insists that rogues suck in Wrath, even for pvp, and he’s playing his hunter and paladin now instead. Rogues suck? Huh. I’m not seeing it. /shrug

Edit: I just saw that Megs over at Out of Mana has closed down. Man, and just when I needed arena advice the most. Noooooooo!

S6: Week One

April 27, 2009

So … I mentioned earlier that my disc priesty buddy wanted to try 2v2 arena this season. Early in the week we tried 3 matches, and died horribly to go 0-3. Knowing that we were going to be finishing our 10 matches for the week tonight, I decided to shell out the gold for dual specs and at least go in with a real pvp-centric spec instead of the usual 57/3/11.

Fortunately, Velinath over at Fireball Spam posted an arcane build that he* has been testing out in duels and is curious to see how it holds up in the arena. I have a couple points moved around, but otherwise followed it pretty closely.  It held up pretty well. I expected us to go 0-7 and go drown our sorrows at the Legerdermain. Instead, we went 15-20 and actually … had a great time!

Somehow I need to find a way to move some points into Incanter’s Absorption. You see, unlike Velinath, who is doing 5v5 in a four DPS team, I am only doing 2v2 with a disc priest as my partner, so I will be the sole recipient of the lovely bubbles (other than himself, that is). It’s funny … I had mentioned the talent to Fiak as we were waiting for the first match to begin, wondering whether it was worth taking and would work well with PW:Shield. Then here we are, after I have logged off for the night, and I see that Matt Low posted over at Wow Insider earlier tonight about the synergy between arcane mages with this talent, and disc priests. Granted, the article was focused on raiding Ulduar, while here we are talking about arena, but that doesn’t change what it does. There were a few times tonight where we were lacking enough burst to finish a player off. Perhaps this would provide the extra spellpower to do it. I will be testing it out for sure.

*my apologies, Velinath, if you are not a he.

Naxx-10 clear!- Part 3

April 25, 2009

This will be the final installment in this series. I have no other characters anywhere near 80. Three is enough to keep me busy. (Famous last words? Hmm….I was casting penance in my dreams last night…and I dusted off my level 41 spriest this week …  >.>)

Rozjin  got to go to Naxx last night. It’s been an amazing run with him. On February 5, at level 12, he  completed Ragefire Chasm … at that point I certainly never expected to be posting just a few weeks later that he had cleared Naxx. What’s that you say? Screenshot or it never happened? Ok.


We one-shotted everything except Four Horsemen but we got them on the second try. We almost had to call it after clearing the four quarters when our druid and priest had to leave, but there were two other priests available to step in who had run with us before, so we elected to go ahead and finish it even though it was late.

I was pretty happy with the dps output. I was scoring anywhere from 2200-2700, depending on the fight. I’ll have to look on the screenshot at home to double check it, but I believe the dps on Patchwerk was 2762. That’s right up there with what my hunter does.

Gear. Rather than critting you with a wall of text, I think I’ll post Roz’s collection of trophies in a bullet list. So, in something somewhat resembling the order of acquisition:

The Gown of Blaumeux looks very sexy paired with the Miasma Mantle. Unfortunately, the shoulders are pretty ugly paired with anything else. Too bad there’s no option to hide shoulders, because you know darned well I’m wearing my tier robe. Here is the final result…


I bet you can’t guess what I’m doing tonight. Yep, gems and enchants. It was 1:30am when we downed Kel, so I had to get right to bed. Well, right to bed after turning in the token for my T7 robe and taking that screenshot. Priorities, ya know?

Under the Weather

April 23, 2009

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I slept for most of the past four days. Obviously I am back at work, since I’m posting. Fevers suck, though.

I did find enough energy to get a couple of things done. I collected the mats so that my wonderful warlock friend could craft a Deathchill Cloak for Roz. I ran a couple of heroics to get enough rep to buy the head enchant and the Flameheart Spell Scalpel from the Kirin Tor. On the last run to get enough rep, I did UP … and Skadi dropped the lovely Netherbreath Spellblade, which has the same model, but exchanges the hit for spirit and some extra crit. Perhaps I wasted gold buying the Flameheart afterwards anyway, even though I have enough hit right now without it. So far I’ve only enchanted the Netherbreath though.

Let’s see, what else … oh yes. Archie loves me. This time I was the only mage in the group, so the Deadly Gladiator’s Silk Raiment was all mine. So of course, I went to the Hall of Legends and spent my honour on a matching Cowl to get the set bonus. And … hm. What else did I buy? A belt with WG marks. A head enchant and meta gem and a Karmaa’s Grace with Stone Keeper’s Shards. Meh … basically I buffed up my pvp gear. So my disc buddy and I started our arena team and went 0-3 before falling asleep at our keyboards. Haha.

Ok, back to the stack of things that piled up on the desk while I was sick. Man, maybe tomorrow I’ll get to read Guildwatch. /sigh