Rozjin Goes to Outland

Rozjin here. How joo be? Dis troll been all over de place lately. I been spending time in de Plaguelands, de wasteland of Silithus, and de snowy hills of Winterspring. Ah didn’t much like any of them too much. So I was pretty happy when I reached 58 and could move to dat place called Outland dat I be hearin about. So I went to the Blasted Lands to find the Dark Portal. When I first seen it, I was amazed. Dat is some powerful magic to make a portal that huge and that can send anyone dat enters it to a whole nother world. So I went in it, hoping to find some of dat magic on de other side. But first, here’s a shot of me standing in front of it before I entered.


Pretty handsome, eh? Well, one level in Outland and dat all changed. Now I be lookin like a pimp daddy or something. I got dis big purple hat. It be outrageous mon!


I be only a few bars from 60 now, den I be going back to Sen’jin to get me a new faster mount. Ah’ll check back in a couple days and show joo all de tings I see … I might be in dat Zangarmarsh by den, visiting me troll brethren at Swamprat Post.


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