Quick Update: Tar That Helm

A busy 3-day weekend for me…busy in Azeroth that is. Rozjin was enjoying the scenery in Un’Goro Crater last night when a call came out from my buddy asking if I wanted to try OS-25. I hemmed and hawwed because Roz was half a bar from leveling, but eventually caved. I had never even watched a video or read a strat yet, so I was kinda going in blind.

I hopped on Junahu and started flying to Wyrmrest, although I accepted a summons halfway there since I didn’t know how to get to the basement of the temple. Yes, I are nub, ok? Now I know for the next time. =P Anyway, the raid leader was quite good and gave instructions for all even though most people had probably done it before. I was slow on a couple of the flame walls, but didn’t mess up any more of them than my friend did, so I didn’t feel too bad.

Sarth dropped two hunter items: the tier gloves and the Hyaline Helm of the Sniper. The helm was first up to be rolled on … and I won. Go me! So I didn’t roll on the gloves. This is one of the best hunter helms in the game, so I was understandably excited. As a bonus…it actually looks good on a tauren! /faint  … I might have screenshotted it, but it’s on the home computer. Maybe later … >.<

As for Roz, he hit level 52 last night and has discovered that tar beasts + fire = superfun. They take double damage from fire, so his regular hits are getting 1200-1400, and the crits are going as high as 2400. Fwoomph! (that is the sound of something suddenly being incinerated, in case you couldn’t tell) As an added bonus…they often drop herbs, and Roz has herbalism and inscription. Oh, plus they are up to two levels higher than he is. I’m sure I will finish quests there as well, but for now, just circling the tar pits and setting them all on fire is filling me with glee. The downside? Things that die in two or even only one hit don’t give much chance to use Hot Streak. /sigh

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