Recap – First Naxx 25

As you could guess from the last post, Juna went along on a 25 Naxx run Monday night. My friend the priest …. huh? what’s that? Oh geez, ok, I’ll put it in … My friend, the Greatest Priest Ever, (sigh) was going and said they needed some DPS. I was happily burning my way through shadowmaw panthers in STV on Roz, but decided to go since the chance was there. My friend had run with this guild before and said they were nice.

The only things they had left were the Construct wing and Saph and KT. Patchwerk was a one-shot of course. I think he dropped a nice piece of mail along with the bow, but after rolling on the bow and winning, everything else is a blur for 10 minutes or so. By the time a totem aggroed Grobbulus before we were ready, I was back on track, although some might call me insane for not rolling on the mail belt he dropped. After the moaning one of the other hunters put up after I won the bow, though, I was afraid to. I probably shouldn’t have been. The dude was a real … well, you know. He urinated on my Spirit Beast as soon as we zoned in, and then had the gall to ask me if he could borrow arrows later on.

Gluth took two tries, but we downed him easily on the second shot. Thaddius … wow. I had never been to Thadd before,  but it seemed pretty easy to me. I lasted until the enrage each try, but we had people dying on the first polarity shift each time so had no shot at it.

I guess I made a good impression, as I’ve been invited to raid with them again. I’m not sure I will make it as it starts just an hour after I get off work. And Roz is just four bars from hitting 42 ….. the fire, it be addicting, mon!


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