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March 31, 2009



No Ninjas Here

March 29, 2009

Wednesdays are my Mondays. So, every Wednesday morning I settle in at my desk with a Mountain Dew and I get to work  read Guildwatch.  I’ve never  been one for drama or gossip or any of that stuff, but for some reason, I love Guildwatch. Although it does contain news about progression, which guilds are recruiting, and that sort of thing … it also has plenty of dirty laundry about ninja looters and other unsavory happenings around the realms.

You really only have to read it once to get the general idea of how to avoid most ninjas. The rules are pretty much either ‘Don’t PuG’ or at the very least, make sure the master looter is someone you (hopefully) can trust.

Last night after a heroic run, my buddies decided we should do Vault of Archavon. I swapped over to my DK so we would have both tank spots covered. It still took fifteen minutes or so to get 4 DPS and a healer but I guess that’s not terrible.

So, we get everyone together and zone in. The run itself was very smooth, despite several persons not having been there before. Yeah, it’s only VoA,  but hey, first time anywhere can be rough if you’ve never seen the fight before. And I must brag a bit … I did soooo much better getting my taunt in right away after the MT was swallowed.

Ok, Archie is down, we’re all celebrating, and … what’s this? Oh noes! Raid Leader forgot to put it on Master Looter AND …. zomg ….. Reins of the Grand Black War Mammoth  dropped.  He asks everyone to please pass on everything and we will roll afterwards.  I am sooooooooo SOOOOOOOOOO proud of my server. Or at the very least, of the 10 people, 5 of whom I don’t even know, who were in our group. Every single person passed. We all rolled. We all congratulated the winner and watched as that person and only that person walked up to the boss and looted her prize. Rinse and repeat for the two pieces of leather gear that dropped. Mage thanks us all for the run and provides us with a portal. 

Now I must ask ….are PuGs really so bad? Seriously people, this is a shining example of how wonderfully they can go. Don’t stop Pugging…just be careful about it. That is all. 

Northrend At Last

March 26, 2009

Too busy at work to really say much today, so I’ll just post a couple screenies. First we have Rozjin’s arrival at Vengeance Landing.


And here is my new wallpaper. This is probably my favourite screenie out of my entire collection at the moment.


Isn’t he just luscious?



The best part about not having any readers is … I can admit to having a bit of a crush on my troll … as well as an attraction to just about any other male troll I see. =P

Almost There

March 25, 2009

No pics yet … too busy. But Roz is halfway through level 67 and will be in Northrend very soon … maybe even tonight. He’s finally wearing a robe again and has gone from that clownish pimp daddy look, back to being one damn handsome troll. On Monday he did Underbog, then his new friends from Ramps invited him to Slave Pens.

 Late last night as  I was thinking of going to bed, someone invited him to Shadow Labs. Yeah, at 67. Heh. The pally tank was also 67. We also had a 71 lock, a DK (don’t remember his level), and a 69/70 disc priest (she leveled halfway through). No complaints on the group at all, they were all skilled and competent … we were just a bit low for the instance. We made it up to … hang on, let me Wowwiki this dude’s name … Grandmaster Vorpil. He’s level 72. On the third try I watched three spells in a row go ‘miss’ ‘miss’ ‘miss’ … it wasn’t pretty. With people talking about taking off but the pally wanting to try again,  I offered to bring an 80 just to finish it off, and gave them a choice of hunter of DK. I was kinda pissed at the dude after 3 wipes and wanted him to go down. So Juna joined up and we gorilladin’d our way through the rest easily. Fortunately, no mage gear dropped.

Oh, and Juna did get the mount on a CoS run earlier in the evening. (Thanks Joe! *hugs*) This gave her the 50 mounts for Leading the Cavalry and the albino drake. Yes, there will be screenshots. Really. I promise.