Dual Specs: The Death of Pure DPS Classes?

So, I was going to post about how Juna got enough stone keeper’s shards last night to purchase bind on account shoulders so Roz could level even faster than he already is, having left a quickly growing path of burning destruction behind him so far. But, I’ve been reading today from many different sources on dual specs, and especially the effect they may have on the “pure” DPS classes, those being mages, hunter, rogues, and warlocks….the classes who do not have an alternate spec other than providing massive quantites of pwnage. My main is a hunter, and I’ve spent a lot of time recently on my baby mage, so this is of particular interest to me.

Forever a Noob wrote a large rant lamenting the dumbing down of the game and how the ability to swap specs at the click of a key will contribute to that.  Being rather “casual” when compared to the people who are anxiously awaiting Ulduar, I really can’t agree with it being dumbed down…after all, I may never even see Kel’Thuzad. His other main point is what really interests me. He argues that the ability to switch right in the middle of an instance will encourage raids to bring hybrid classes and expect them to perform more than one role within a single raid.

Obviously, a side effect of such tactics would be a smaller number of raid spots for those of us playing a “pure” DPS role….which is the main point Big Bear Butt makes in his article. In his usual long-winded yet always worth reading style, BBB really lays out plainly what he thinks might happen, and what he thinks SHOULD happen.

Now, I realize I’m not being original or creative in just linking a couple of things that I found interesting. But I just found something else that ties into what I read on those blogs earlier. This chart on Armory Data Mining, which shows the percentage of each class at levels 70 and 80, purports to show the rise and/or fall of each class’ popularity since the release of the last patch.  There are four classes who have fallen in numbers: Mage, Hunter, Rogue and Warlock. Coincidence? Perhaps. Statistics can be warped and used to one’s advantage, and be made to show whatever one wants to prove.  But it certainly provides food for thought, does it not?

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One Response to “Dual Specs: The Death of Pure DPS Classes?”

  1. Stabs Says:

    Looking at that chart the most unpopular classes at 70 were the 4 classes capable of healing.

    That’s pretty disastrous for a game that depends on about 7-8 healers per 25 players to see top end pve.

    Making healing classes more attractive to play obviously comes with a cost to those classes who become less atttractive by comparison. But do we really want to go back to the level 60 days when most people just didn’t raid?

    Dual spec makes playing a hybrid more attractive and more fun. If more of the general population play hybrids than play pures that means more raids happen. That helps everyone.

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