Quick Update – Ari Hits 80

Busy work day, so just a quick update on what I did over the weekend. Monday saw Arelin* questing his little butt off to get to 80, racing a friend’s resto shammy who is leveling up to instance with us. I lost the race, but we both hit 80. Despite not being defense-capped (right around 500 def), they drug me to heroic Nexus anyway. We did survive, albeit with two wipes. Tuesday my friend sent me a couple of nice BoEs that boosted my def, and the shammy enchanted my chest. Those were enough to get me close enough to cap to give it another go. This Nexus run was much smoother, and the shammy commented on how much easier I was to heal. I also got the Cloak of the Enemy, which certainly was a nice upgrade. It went so well, we went back to Dal, picked up the daily heroic quest, and shuffled over to UK. They had suggested Drak’Tharon, but since I’ve never tanked it I wasn’t keen on pugging it. UK I can run with my eyes closed, since it took almost a dozen runs to get the xbow to drop for Juna. Wouldn’t you know that darn thing dropped this time on Ari’s first heroic run. Doh! Oh well, he also dropped the Unsmashable Heavy Band, so I got an upgrade there, too.

In other news, despite still not having heirloom shoulders, Rozjin is 29 already! Pyroblast is like crack, I just can’t get enough. It seems I’m a natural mage, flying through quests and levels with the greatest of ease. Who’da thunk?

*the armory is down at the moment, so I can’t linky my toons. Blast it!


2 Responses to “Quick Update – Ari Hits 80”

  1. Fiak Says:

    “Tuesday my friend sent me a couple of nice BoEs that boosted my def…”

    Hooray for anonymous friends looking on the AH and buying crafted items for 20g!

  2. repgrind Says:

    Doh! I probably still owe you some g’s eh? xD

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