Sixth of the Sixth

There’s a meme going around to post the sixth screenshot in your sixth folder. I’m not even sure which blogger started it, but the idea is to tag a few others in order to keep passing it around. No one really knows I exist yet, so I wasn’t personally tagged, but Pike tagged anyone who wanted to participate. Ok, so I’m two days behind and in the blog world, that’s like, a year…but too bad. There’s no better time than now for me to learn how to post a pic on here.

I don’t have multiple folders, just one big fat overflowing one. Organizing my screenies sounds like a good project for Tuesday morning maintenance. So here is the sixth shot in the supersized folder of doom.


Yeah, a bugged mob stuck in the side of the cliff. Since I screenshot every weird thing like this that I see, you can imagine what my folder looks like. /facepalm

Let’s see if I can find anyone who hasn’t been tagged yet.  Maybe Tigerfeet, and Esdras, and Merlot, and Naissa, and The Troll.

On a side note, Rozjin hit 21 last night. He hates his new Robes of Arugal…they make his butt look big…but I’m making him wear them anyway. I get to take a nap while he casts Pyroblast. Seriously, a 5 sec cast time? Oh well. Off to check out Rip’s Guide to Leveling Fire to see where my unspent talent point should go.


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2 Responses to “Sixth of the Sixth”

  1. Fiak Says:

    I don’t have a screenshot folder.

  2. repgrind Says:

    That does not surprise me. lol

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