The Best Valentine

After the first bag of candy hearts I got, I had all these hearts taking up space in my backpack. So I figured, hey, why not send them to people I like and let them take up space in THEIR backpacks! I sent one a day to my number one troll hunter buddy, and one each to my other three best friends. All wrapped up nicely in gift paper of course. But that still left me with extras, so I sent a few to other people that I like outside of my immediate group of friends. Some of these people know me, others would have no clue who this complete stranger is that’s sending them hearts. I almost immediately got a heart back from a rogue that I’ve known for awhile. That was no surprise, I expected to get one from him…he’s just that kind of guy. The letter I got on Valentine’s Day from one of the others, however, was a very pleasant surprise.

A little backstory first here. A couple of weeks or so ago, my buddies and I were running heroic Nexus. Our priest was out of town for a few days, so we pugged a druid to heal for us. Our tank was also out of town, but he had net access at the hotel he was staying at. Unfortunately, the connection there left much to be desired. We made it through Ormorok, but before we even got to the next trash pull, his lag just made it entirely impossible for him to continue playing. Well, finding a tank is hard enough, but finding one when you already have one boss down? Nigh impossible. But that wonderful druid asked in her guild, and before you know it, we have a troll warrior joining us. The rest of the run was smooth, although a little different since I’m used to running with a DK and his AOE abilites are stronger than a warrior’s, so I had to be a little more on the ball, making sure to focus fire the right target and whatnot. But it went great and he was very nice.  I said thank you for helping out (multiple times) and added him to my friends list.

Fast forward back to the candy hearts. This warrior was one of my first choices to send a heart to after my closest friends. I had not had any contact with him outside of that PuG, and expected that he wouldn’t remember me. How many people remember those they PuG once with, unless they are exceptionally good or bad? When I logged on Saturday evening and saw that I had mail from him, a big grin lit up my face. I opened my mail, and inside was this letter:

Thank you for warming an old troll’s heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day indeed! That was the best thing I received, and it certainly made my day. The permanent copy I made of the letter will most likely never leave my bag.

One Response to “The Best Valentine”

  1. Rainsallnight Says:

    Now that was a nice valentine!

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