Ambassador Junahu the Love Fool

Yes, that’s right. Two titles in one night. I got home from work needing only two hearts to complete the Love Fool. So I ported to Org, put on my perfume, and talked to the first guard I saw. Bingo! A bag of candies. I hearthed back to Dal and ran around working on the daily cooking quest, clicking on my bag of candy once a minute.  I completed the achievement and the title while standing in front of the stove in the Legerdermain Lounge. I got my cooking up to 445 while I was at it, but ran out of northern spices.

This left me with nothing specific planned for the rest of the evening. So, with only Silvermoon left to grind for faction city rep, I headed off to Eversong Woods. I went back to UC every hour to talk to a guard though…I need that perma-Peddlefeet! I’m only 3 pets away from my Lil Stinker. I did every quest I could find in Eversong. I’m sure I didn’t miss any, I’ve done that starting zone multiple times now. But…I managed to finish with 20995/21000 reputation. *sigh*

“Well, there’s Nat’s measuring tape that I got in ZG the night before, I can go turn that in…”  So I flew to Brackenwall Village and picked up some leftover quests there; except none of the quests I did in Dustwallow Marsh gave rep. I’ll need them for Loremaster anyway, so it’s not like I wasted time there, but it didn’t do anything for the immediate goal. One of them required a turnin back at Thunder Bluff, so I flew there, turned it in, and hit on another guard.

Checking my quest log, I see a quest I had completed last week that needed to be turned in to Kadrak, at the watchtower between the Barrens and Ashenvale. Aha…that should do it. Fly to the Crossroads, mount up, and marvel at the lack of activity in general  chat while my raptor races towards the border. I guess the holiday had everyone either doing RL stuff, or in Orgrimmar mending hearts. Either way, it made for a pleasant ride…and the quest was more than enough to finish off my rep and make me an Ambassador.

The only thing left to do at that point was to head back to Silvermoon and buy a stable full of chic…er…hawkstriders. Those put me at 45 mounts. There are still 4 of the windriders I can get in Shadowmoon Valley, which will get me to 49. That albino drake is so close yet so far. I don’t even have enough gold to buy all 4 windriders, let alone anything more expensive. I guess it’s back to farming Strat and collecting AV tokens. *sigh*

Well, I’m off to figure out how to make my random mount addon ignore these silly birds. I’m very happy that tauren can buy them now, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to actually ride them. 😛

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