No Love fer de Trolls?

Rozjin here. Dis troll been going around de city wit some o’ dat ‘cologne’ stuff on, givin de love tokens to de ladies. So far, alls I gots from it be a broken heart. Mebbe if  de Ogrimmar guards had some troll ladies instead o jus orcs, ah could git some action. Tink about it mon. I be knowin dat we owe Thrall and de orcs fer savin’ us from de sea witch and her murlocs. I be embarrassed bout dat still, dat we could be sufferin so much from murlocs of all tings, even to de point of losin our leader and mebbe our entire tribe. But we’s full members of de horde, mon! Least we could be helping defend de city.

Den dere’s dis whole Horde Gift Collection ting. Ye collect dese items from de guards until ye have enough to make up de gift collection, an’ give it to  Kwee Q. Peddlefeet inside de Grommash Hold, where de faction leaders be stayin. De gift adds to de popularity of the leader of whichever city you be in. In de Horde’s case, dat be Sylvanas, Thrall, or Cairne.  Now, I be askin you, what if dis troll…or any other troll fer dat matter…wants to be increasin’ de popularity of Vol’jin? He be standin’ right there, even closer to dat Peddlefeet than Trall! An he gits ignored, jus like always. Sure, dey give him a token appearance at de Battle fer de Undercity…den send him right back to his place along de wall wit the guards in Grommash, where nobody notice him, unless dey be turnin’ in de one low level quest he be endin. It’s almost enough to make dis troll turn to de voodoo…

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