The Gold is Mine

Last night, my friends requested the services of my level 77 DK for a run through Utgarde Keep. Arelin is an unholy-specced tank and had run through UK the night before with a couple of other friends, so I was happy to run again. He is my first attempt at playing a tank, so any practice I get is a good thing. 

Last night also happened to be the first night of the Love is in the Air holiday event, and the first boss, Prince Keleseth, drops the Bouquet of Ebon Roses. The bouquet is one of the items needed to complete all of the achievements and get the title The Love Fool. No one else wanted them and I thought “What could be cooler than a Death Knight with black roses” so I picked them up and got the achievement My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose.

Well, once I had that, I decided … why not go all the way? I mean, of course Juna is getting it, but why not Ari as well? What better title for a drop-dead sexy Blood Elf than The Love Fool, even if he does happen to be a Death Knight?

One of the achievements requires you to drop a love fool dummy in five selected places and /pity it. One of those five places is the Arathi Basin Blacksmith. Now, despite the fact that 2 of 3 articles I have posted so far (including this one)  talk a lot about PvP, I really am not much of PvPer. So at this point, Ari had never set foot in a battleground. The closest he’d come to PvP was doing the daily PvP quests in Grizzly Hills since they were part of Jame’s Horde Leveling Guide.

Having recently read some bloggers’ thoughts on how DKs are overpowered for PvP, particularly Euripedes’ Death Knight Theory, I was actually looking forward to jumping in and seeing how I would do. I had already been to AB on Juna earlier, and … well, it was a massacre. So I was expecting the same performance from the horde again. I swapped out my tanking gear for my junky green dps quest reward gear, popped into blood presence, grabbed the AB daily, and queued up. The one thing I forgot to do? Yeah…that PvP trinket is still in the bank. Oopsie. >.>

So I zone in, the gates open, and I’m off to the Blacksmith. Help kill an ally or two who also rushed blacksmith, we get the flag…and some warlock’s dots kill me. Doh! Rez, run back around the corner, do my pity the fool thang, and get ready to defend. The aforementioned lock died at least twice by my hand…even turning into a demon couldn’t save him. 

Later I spent some time defending the mine with a level 70 spriest. Here is where it got pretty amazing. Even with just the two of us, we continually fended off several persistent attackers… a fire mage, an enhancement shammy, a rogue, a warrior, and that lock. It wasn’t until they all came at one time and brought along a hunter for good measure that they were able to take me down … but not before we had killed 4 of them first. Bwhahahah. Horde 5 caps, we all go home happy.


So, let’s take a look at the stats to see how I did. We have here….8 killing blows, 4 deaths, 21 honorable kills. For me, that’s pretty impressive. Juna typically has more deaths than KBs. I totally suck at playing a hunter in PvP.

Zach Yonzon over at Wow Insider posted an article  after Euripedes’ post, expanding on the discussion of DK abilities in PvP. I’m not going to mention every point he brought up, but I would like to look at some of the abilities he mentions that I did or didn’t do.

  • Bone Shield – Uhh…I might have used it once or twice…maybe. I always use it when tanking but just … didn’t think of it.
  • Death Strike – Used as often as possible after applying diseases.
  • Lichborne – Don’t have it.
  • Iceborn Fortitude – Used when I could, but … it has to be used BEFORE you are stunned, and cannot be used WHILE you are stunned, so … I failed horribly at this (especially since my trinket was in the bank) and spent a fair amount of time stunned.
  • Anti-Magic Shell – Forgot about it. I wonder if it would have helped against those darn DoTs? yes, I suck. >.>

Conclusion? DKs are super fun in PvP…they are hard to kill and can wreak a lot of havoc, even in a tank spec with dps gear and a tanking weapon. (Hmm….I got that axe off Ingvar last night…and I still have my Axe of Frozen Death, too. I could rune one of them for PvE and leave Stoneskin Gargoyle on the other! doh!! See…I suck!!!) Can you faceroll your way through battlegrounds successfully? Maybe. My results may have been different had I been in the 80 bracket instead of the 70-79 bracket. However, I see no way that this extremely non-scientific experiment could be considered anything other than a success. In the end, it really comes down to one question…Will I be making more appearances in battlegrounds on the DK? Heck yeah!!


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