Adventures in Warsong Gulch

So, last night, with one healer out of town and the other who knows where, running heroics was out. My friends decided it would be a good night for PvP. It’s really not my thing, but I love playing with my friends, so off we went. However, they wanted to do the 29 bracket. As I mentioned in my previous post, I have a twink hunter in progress…but she’s only level 13 so far. So I hopped on my level 22 ret pally Raerisa in order to tag along.

I puchased a couple of cheap upgrades on the AH and off we went. The rest of the group consisted of a Holy Pally, a Rogue, and an Arms Warrior. I started off a bit slow. Heck, I hardly have played the character and didn’t know what half of my buttons even did. But by about the third battleground, I was getting the hang of it.

So, I’m running around AB after having died and gotten separated from the others. I’m by myself on the road between the farm and the gold mine, when a level 24 hunter comes up behind me.  I turn, close the distance, drop a .. whatever you call the hammer thing…judgement I guess? Yeah, I know pallies…not. haha. Anyway, I then hit him with the thing that stuns him, throw down a consecrate and another judgement and … wow…he’s dead! A complete solo kill with no help whatsoever! I have NEVER won a one on one battle where I wasn’t completely overgeared or much higher level. Even my own hunter regularly gets pwned by other hunters…and pallies, and shammies, and rogues, and locks, and … ahem. I suppose given the ease with which pallies usually do me in, I should have expected that I could do the same playing a pally myself. Needless to say, from that moment, I was hooked.

AB, however, was a rough go of it, so we switched over to WSG which happened to be the daily. Now, normally, WSG is the last place in Azeroth I ever want to be. I hate it with a passion. But we ran all over the allies all night long. It was crazy. There were even twinks on THEIR side that were afk’ing out.

If the power to kill wasn’t enough to hook me, the achievements that started rolling in certainly would have done it. It started with Not In My House, and then shortly after with Warsong Gulch Victory and Warsong Gulch Perfection. By the end of the night, I had also collected The Grim Reaper, Know Thy Enemy, and 100 Honorable Kills…having started the night with none.

In the second to last battle, I was following the rogue out of the enemy flag room and down the tunnel when she told me on vent “I’m gonna drop the flag, you pick it up real quick.” Like zomg you must be kidding. She wasn’t…she wanted me to get the final flag capture. I didn’t see a single ally the whole way back to our flag room. A troll hunter in our flag room started dancing with me, so I laughed and danced with him while they’re all going “cap the flag!” … haha. It rocked. My friends are so awesome to make sure I  got to carry the flag once. I guess they wanted to make sure I was having fun and would PvP with them more.

Oh, and to my twink hunter in progress…I’m sorry. I’m off to research the items I’m going to need to get in order to twink the pally.


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