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Dual Specs: The Death of Pure DPS Classes?

February 27, 2009

So, I was going to post about how Juna got enough stone keeper’s shards last night to purchase bind on account shoulders so Roz could level even faster than he already is, having left a quickly growing path of burning destruction behind him so far. But, I’ve been reading today from many different sources on dual specs, and especially the effect they may have on the “pure” DPS classes, those being mages, hunter, rogues, and warlocks….the classes who do not have an alternate spec other than providing massive quantites of pwnage. My main is a hunter, and I’ve spent a lot of time recently on my baby mage, so this is of particular interest to me.

Forever a Noob wrote a large rant lamenting the dumbing down of the game and how the ability to swap specs at the click of a key will contribute to that.  Being rather “casual” when compared to the people who are anxiously awaiting Ulduar, I really can’t agree with it being dumbed down…after all, I may never even see Kel’Thuzad. His other main point is what really interests me. He argues that the ability to switch right in the middle of an instance will encourage raids to bring hybrid classes and expect them to perform more than one role within a single raid.

Obviously, a side effect of such tactics would be a smaller number of raid spots for those of us playing a “pure” DPS role….which is the main point Big Bear Butt makes in his article. In his usual long-winded yet always worth reading style, BBB really lays out plainly what he thinks might happen, and what he thinks SHOULD happen.

Now, I realize I’m not being original or creative in just linking a couple of things that I found interesting. But I just found something else that ties into what I read on those blogs earlier. This chart on Armory Data Mining, which shows the percentage of each class at levels 70 and 80, purports to show the rise and/or fall of each class’ popularity since the release of the last patch.  There are four classes who have fallen in numbers: Mage, Hunter, Rogue and Warlock. Coincidence? Perhaps. Statistics can be warped and used to one’s advantage, and be made to show whatever one wants to prove.  But it certainly provides food for thought, does it not?

Quick Update – Ari Hits 80

February 25, 2009

Busy work day, so just a quick update on what I did over the weekend. Monday saw Arelin* questing his little butt off to get to 80, racing a friend’s resto shammy who is leveling up to instance with us. I lost the race, but we both hit 80. Despite not being defense-capped (right around 500 def), they drug me to heroic Nexus anyway. We did survive, albeit with two wipes. Tuesday my friend sent me a couple of nice BoEs that boosted my def, and the shammy enchanted my chest. Those were enough to get me close enough to cap to give it another go. This Nexus run was much smoother, and the shammy commented on how much easier I was to heal. I also got the Cloak of the Enemy, which certainly was a nice upgrade. It went so well, we went back to Dal, picked up the daily heroic quest, and shuffled over to UK. They had suggested Drak’Tharon, but since I’ve never tanked it I wasn’t keen on pugging it. UK I can run with my eyes closed, since it took almost a dozen runs to get the xbow to drop for Juna. Wouldn’t you know that darn thing dropped this time on Ari’s first heroic run. Doh! Oh well, he also dropped the Unsmashable Heavy Band, so I got an upgrade there, too.

In other news, despite still not having heirloom shoulders, Rozjin is 29 already! Pyroblast is like crack, I just can’t get enough. It seems I’m a natural mage, flying through quests and levels with the greatest of ease. Who’da thunk?

*the armory is down at the moment, so I can’t linky my toons. Blast it!

Roleplaying and Gender

February 22, 2009

I noticed something interesting last night with regards to roleplaying and my characters. I had some time to kill before my troll buddy  got on to run Rozjin through Wailing Caverns, so I flew to Ratchet to do the Guns of Northwatch quest. There were other people there and the bottom half of the area was clear of mobs, so I headed to the top of the hill and turned right to clear the southwestern tower first and then work my way back down.

As  I killed the last named mob in the final tower, the exclamation point for the escort quest reappeared on the screen. There was one respawn at the bottom that needed to be cleared, and as he ran for the door, the warrior I had seen as I entered the area charged him and finished him off. The warrior and his priestess partner entered the tower, and it was obvious they had been waiting for the quest guy to respawn as well. Without even thinking about it, I typed in “Joo be doin’ the escort quest?”

The point here is that, when I’m playing Roz, I am just naturally in character. I am not myself. I AM Rozjin. The same thing happens, to a lesser extent, when I am playing my Death Knight or my Priest. It does not happen on Juna. Part of this may be because, well… Juna IS me. I play Juna as if I myself was in Azeroth. This is probably why Juna is a bit shy, and doesn’t like grouping with people she doesn’t know, and has a hard time making friends outside of her small little trusted circle. She worries about what people think of her, and is afraid to make mistakes, and enjoys the solitude and peacefulness of a quiet stream in Grizzly Hills with her fishing pole and no one other than her beloved Spirit Beast to keep her company.

My Death Knight and Priest, on the other hand, are both reserved but confident. They each have a proud and dignified bearing that borders on conceit. Not exactly an unusual characterization for male Blood Elves. They also have a very dark side to both of their characters. The similarities between them are intentional, for they are brothers. Their backstory is one which I had formulated in my mind long before Wrath even came out and allowed the creation of the DK. It is one which I intend to get fully written out here at some point.

One last observation before I sign off. I find it curious that the characters I find it easiest to play in character are males. I am not. I have female characters other than Juna. In fact, the ratio of my characters is 4:6 male to female, the fourth being only a bank alt. But, even when I play one of my female alts, I’m still me. My warrior isn’t more of a tough girl when I play her. Perhaps that’s why I suck so badly at being a warrior. I wonder if a gender change would cure that; plus then she would have the awesome undead male headbanger dance instead of … whatever that flakey thing is the females do.

So, if anyone actually reads this: Have you noticed anything like this with regards to how you play your characters? Am I just weird that I  can roleplay the opposite gender but not my own?

Sixth of the Sixth

February 20, 2009

There’s a meme going around to post the sixth screenshot in your sixth folder. I’m not even sure which blogger started it, but the idea is to tag a few others in order to keep passing it around. No one really knows I exist yet, so I wasn’t personally tagged, but Pike tagged anyone who wanted to participate. Ok, so I’m two days behind and in the blog world, that’s like, a year…but too bad. There’s no better time than now for me to learn how to post a pic on here.

I don’t have multiple folders, just one big fat overflowing one. Organizing my screenies sounds like a good project for Tuesday morning maintenance. So here is the sixth shot in the supersized folder of doom.


Yeah, a bugged mob stuck in the side of the cliff. Since I screenshot every weird thing like this that I see, you can imagine what my folder looks like. /facepalm

Let’s see if I can find anyone who hasn’t been tagged yet.  Maybe Tigerfeet, and Esdras, and Merlot, and Naissa, and The Troll.

On a side note, Rozjin hit 21 last night. He hates his new Robes of Arugal…they make his butt look big…but I’m making him wear them anyway. I get to take a nap while he casts Pyroblast. Seriously, a 5 sec cast time? Oh well. Off to check out Rip’s Guide to Leveling Fire to see where my unspent talent point should go.