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Hangin’ With Khadgar

October 16, 2014

I only had a couple of hours last night to play. So I figured I’d take Juna down to the Blasted Lands and check out the invasion. I’ve always been a fan of Khadgar, so I couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity when she ran into him.


She’s so cute!

The questline was pretty fun. I like the new quest help features. It made it very easy to figure out where to go to find the objectives. I’m still a bad hunter, but I managed the named quest ogre plus a couple of adds without much trouble. I’m not sure what my ilevel is but the quest rewards were all upgrades so yeah.

Get used to the femtaur screenshots. I do think I will be playing her first for now.

Sadly, once she finished the questline, I was, once again, not really motivated to do anything more. I messed with Kerick’s face and hair a bit more, but ultimately ended up back in Mount & Blade. I suppose tonight when I have more time I might try LFR. I haven’t done the updated UBRS (or is it LBRS? See, I don’t even know) and I would still like some Garrosh heirlooms. Those do drop in LFR, right? I hope? I should probably also at least read up on how to play my classes now with all the changes.


October 15, 2014

That was my reaction upon seeing Kerick on the character select screen. I mean really. He went from this:




I went straight to the barbershop but … nothing was right. Even the hair colours are different. And that hairstyle … I mean, it’s called ‘Fabulous’ not ‘Slept in an alley’ so why???? I found a face I could live with but the hair is not happening.

Even my Conan character, Yendrus, looks better than Kerick now.


Ok, there’s the bad. How about the good?

This one made me squee. New (old/original) main, perhaps?


She’s so adorable!

P.S. Yendrus is a nickname for Andrzej so yeah, just when you thought there was no Mount & Blade reference .. BAM! :D

Another Patch Day

October 14, 2014

So, it’s finally here. THE pre-patch. There’s a meeting tonight to figure out our raiding plans. I know that is foremost on many of my guildies’ minds. So, what is the top thought in my mind right now? Logging on to all of my characters to fill out as much of the toybox as I can. Yeah … I think perhaps my raiding has come to an end.

I downloaded Age of Conan this weekend because that’s what Lyss has been playing lately. I made a Cimmerian Conqueror because, duh … I always make something that can use heavy armor and big weapons. Lyss has asked repeatedly whether we will get an actual Conan post, and I did take screenshots but … I can’t find them. So, maybe later.

So then, how about some M&B? ;)


How’s that for action? All five factions in a line, each guy (other than poor Ordin-Naschokin of the Tsardom there in the lead) chasing another. Let’s see if I can identify the others … the Pole is clearly Jan III Sobieski. The Cossack is Popovich. I can’t see enough of the flag to identify the Swede. The Crimean is Yashlav-bey.

You know, it’s always going to be strange to me, playing another faction and having my beloved Cossacks as enemies. All those times I fought by their sides and then to turn around and have one of them chasing me down is just odd.


Yep, that’s Ivan Sirko tailing me. I’ve posted him before but I failed to wiki him at that time. This must be corrected because he’s important. He was Kosh Otaman of the Zaporozhian Host, the highest military ranking. This was in 1663 after the Khmelnytsky Uprising, though. Sirko, unlike most of his contemporaries, lived to be 70, and was around until 1680, so a lot of his important history is during the wars that resulted from the uprising.

As long as we’re on the Cossack subject again, we might as well get Lavrin Sinonos posted.


He only exists in the game. I like this shot because it also includes Popovich, Shumeiko, and Nosach.

Remember how I mentioned having Mirza Divey in my prison in Kezlev Fortress in my main game?


He’s still there. Maybe someday I should let him out, eh?


October 10, 2014

I do not have more screenshots from this week. Mostly because I haven’t really been in too many battles lately. Tuesday night I worked on my Polish campaign. I’m at the point in the Deluge questline where I need to gather the nobles together and take back Warsaw. However, I’m not friendly enough with enough of them to get them to join me, so I’m spending a lot of time playing courier, delivering letters back and forth between them to build up my relationships.

Wednesday night I had to play WoW. The patch is next week, and while I am excited about some of the changes, I am sad that some things are being taken out, even if only temporarily. I mean really, I have all these challenge card quests for the Brawlers’ Guild which I’ve been saving because I have no space for the shirts that are the quest rewards. So they are giving me more space but on the same day are taking away the Brawlers’ Guild. Maybe I can defeat them and not turn the quests in until later? I don’t know, but I don’t even feel like trying. And of course, as soon as that patch drops the guild is going to want to start getting everyone together for Mythic. I’m still burned out. I don’t even want to raid right now. I might still not want to raid in a month. Or even two.

So last night I tried to play Mount and Blade and decided to try some of these other things I’ve bought recently instead. I got Empire: Total War. I know I played it some last week but I don’t really remember why it didn’t quite grab me. I know I didn’t really get the battles, which you actually participate in. I also got a package of things by the same publisher, Paragon, that did the Mount and Blade series. In Crusader Kings II I signed on as the Grand Prince of Kiev and managed to get my son married off and a couple of other things before it all went to hell and I lost all of Lithuania.

Then I picked up Europa Universalis IV. I started out in the first section, 1444, leading Poland. This one has missions. You can only do one at a time and it gives you a set of three to choose from. Having a clear goal helped me to understand the game better and have something to be working on, so it was easier to get into it. I got a marriage set with Bohemia followed by an alliance. I got an alliance with Lithuania, which led to the change in government from a feudal monarchy to an elective monarchy. With my new allies at my side, I declared war on the Teutonic Order to take back some territory that the game said should really be mine. I also had to put down a small rebellion in Podolia. They want an independent Ukraine, so .. yeah, sadly, even though I would like that, too, I couldn’t allow it. Anyway, now I just need to take three or four other small areas and then I will be able to form the actual Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and rule over all of it. I doubt this will supplant Mount and Blade completely, but I think it is something I will keep working on.


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