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Wow. Just …. Wow!

July 24, 2014

Up until now, as far as new models go, I was like … hmm. Yeah cool, they look better than they did before. But THIS …


(images directly from the official Blizzard Artcraft post announcing the new model. Go there for the full scoop!)


My first reaction was ‘omg I am switching mains, my hunter is going to look SO.AWESOME AND.CUTE!’

My second reaction, was ‘race change! Tauren paladin!’

I mean really, think about it … I have a male belf DK, and 3 male belf paladins. On the same server pair. I’ve got plate-wearing male belf covered four ways to Sunday. Surely I can change one of them, possibly even the main one, right? (I get attached to my characters, changes are hard.) But man … I am super tempted. She’s so adorable!

Alt Week: Warrior

November 1, 2013

Wow, is this really the final week? Amazing how fast 11 weeks can go. It’s been a lot of fun!

Sanbec is the warrior I’ve spent the most time with.


He didn’t start out as Sanbec, though. He started out as Valainie, a female undead. She was one of the first three characters I rolled. She was fury and I was HORRIBLE on her. I never really paid attention to the gear. Of course, my only experience previous to her was the hunter, and, well, gear mattered much less there since the pet was taking all of the hits. But I liked her. So …when I made the move to Alliance, she was one of the previously abandoned characters who got transferred to Winterhoof.

He made it to max level in Wrath and did a little bit of ICC, as both Titan’s Grip fury and arms. I may have even tanked once. It’s been awhile and my brain is old. I logged on last night in preparation of this post, and ended up going from 86 to 87 … as prot. I guess after leveling blood DKs, I just prefer the survivability for questing.

I have a couple of other warriors that are much lower level, like 28 and 35. Oslee is a male undead on Madorsa’s server. Naeladi is a female tauren on Van’s server. I want to level her just to mog plate on a tauren lady. Check these leggings out, I absolutely LOVE the way they end mid-thigh and you can see her spots. ^.^


Alt Week: Hunter

September 5, 2013

Ok. This one is pretty important. Junahu was the first character I ever rolled. She is old enough to have participated in the pre-Wrath Scourge Invasion, and still wears the Blessed Mail of Undead Slaying and Tabard of the Dawn to prove it.

She’s the only toon I have who has completed the Quel’Delar questline, and she wore it proudly

… then they went and removed hunters’ melee weapons, so now it sits in her bank.

She is also the toon I completed Loremaster on …

BEFORE the Cataclysm zone revamp.

She was the first toon I ever rolled, the first toon I ever leveled, the first toon I ever raided on, the first toon I completed a raid on. I could go on and on. Sadly, I don’t play her much anymore, but she is very much on the shortlist to be the next 90.

I do have a couple of other hunters in the 27-31 level range but they are extremely unimportant compared to her.

Gooey Green Grubs

February 7, 2013

So … last night was pull after pull of Tsulong. I know as a healer I am supposed to enjoy the challenge of a so-called ‘healing fight’ (the Day phase where you must heal Tsulong) but … bleh. We’ll have to see what happens next week. We’re getting to the enrage so, like usual, it’s just a matter of fine-tuning and squeezing more dps/hps into it.

The most fun I had was hiding in the Enchanted Plant on the edge of the room. Anyone have any idea what this thing is for?


Afterwards, I logged on to Juna, who I had parked in the Silithid hive in Un’goro after reading Tome’s post about the Gorishi Grub. I could hear the sounds of her being attacked before the screen finished loading. Hooray, it’s the Clutchmother! I waited for her to lay an egg, put her on ice, and tamed the grub that hatched … which of course, immediately grew to be a worm of unusual size. (OMG you do NOT want to hear the names I am thinking of for it right now)


He’s not *quite* as large as Borelgore, but he’ll do. To be honest, I don’t know if I will actually ever use him, but … it’s fun to collect things that you won’t be able to get in the future. He can join Atha in my stable as a showpiece. :)


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