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Lords in the Field … what # are we on again?

September 9, 2014

Let’s clear up some of these screenshots that I still haven’t posted, shall we?

Mirza Yanmamed


Hm apparently Petro Doroshenko’s horse was killed in this battle, but it’s a good shot of him even so. (That looks like Loboda behind him, also on foot. Poor horsies took a beating that battle!)


He is one of the ones who was actually real, serving not only Khmelnytsky, but also later Vyhovsky (who I still haven’t managed to snag a screenshot of) who was Hetman after Khmelnytsky’s death. Doroshenko eventually became Hetman himself. So yeah, he’s a pretty important dude.

Here’s a shot from a siege of one of the Swedish strongholds .. either Koenigsburg or Narva, I forget which. Or possibly even Reval.


Several of them have these really awesome moats, and the only approach a long bridge or two. I think this one is Koenigsburg, I believe it’s the one that just has a single extra-long bridge, and it SUCKS if you’re the attacking party. It’s great if you’re defending though. You can see there that they’ve knocked out 5 of my dudes already and we’ve barely gone 10 steps.

That’s enough for today. Maybe tomorrow I’ll post some Poles for you, ya?

Bye Bye

September 5, 2014

So, while the Seahawks were busy decimating the Packers last night, I got busy doing the same to the Crimean Khanate. Giray and his men were out in full force. They would take Ladyzhyn, I would take it back while they rode over to Kezlev. As soon as Ladyzhyn was taken back, I would ride over and break up the siege at Kezlev, and they would turn around and go back to Ladyzhyn. Eventually, one of the times they went back, I noticed they had left only one commander at Perekop. I had my two favorite guys with me, Gritsenko and Bogun, so instead of following them, we thumbed our noses at them and captured Perekop instead.


Then we did the same at Kafa, Bakhchisaray, and Kalanchak. After each siege we ran into a couple of them coming to see what was up, and defeated them easily. NOW Ladyzhyn was the ONLY thing they held. Taking that was simple since it had been besieged so many times recently and had no time to build up a garrison. Then it was just a matter of chasing down the two or three individual armies that were riding around the map with no fortresses to hide in.


As icing on the cake, Hmel awarded the rich former capital Bakhchisaray to me.

Once the dust settled, the former commanders of the Khan started to choose new factions for themselves. So far, three of them have joined the Muscovites, one joined Sweden, and one has joined us.


I’m not sure how all this is decided. Heck, Mirza Divey is still in my prison in Kezlev. I don’t suppose that is earning us any bonus points, eh?


Lose that blue banner, Mirza Karach … it’s time to pick a new side.

I Hate Summer

August 8, 2014

Blargh. Work is so busy and I want to post. Leave me alone, phone! Ok, I’ll make this short.

Last night I took Bar Fortress from the Poles. I figured since the not asking thing worked for Minsk it would work again. I patrol around the fortress for awhile and then Colonel Matviy Gladkiy’s flag appears over it. Hmmm. Ok. The Poles come and take it. (I leave and let them. It’s not mine, I’m not fighting 600 of them to defend it by myself!) Once they’re gone I take it back and again, don’t ask for it. And again, it goes to Gladkiy. I guess since Gladkiy owned it for a long time before they came and took it, he’s got rights to it. So maybe if I can get Minsk back, then it will be mine since it was before. Oh well. At least I got more siege practice in, and when I took it back the second time I also freed my favorite buddy Les’ Gritsenko and Colonel Ivan Sirko, who were being held in the prison there.

One other really cool thing happened. I was hanging out with Colonel Ivan Bogun and we ran into Skrzetuski. When he defeated me a few nights ago, he took some things from my inventory, including some of my books and my backup horse Teddy. When we defeated him, I got all my stuff back, including Teddy! I was very happy, especially since I had been unable to find another heavy thoroughbred with the same stats. Instead, I bought a lame troop horse on the cheap. So now I have a healthy troop horse that I don’t need. I guess I’ll just increase one of my followers’ riding skill enough that they can ride him, because I’d feel bad selling him back and taking a loss on him without him ever even being ridden.

I really need to get a fortress soon. Now that my renown is higher, my army size has increased to 140+, and the types of campaigns I am going on are tough without the more expensive soldiers from the mercenary camps. My funds are dwindling.

Oh, and since I promised something about WoW this week, here .. have a screenshot of Lyss and Kash hearthing away from me at the end of our alt raid on Saturday night. Lyss and Slice both came along! It was really awesome to get to raid with them again. :)


and Victory

July 16, 2014

Thankfully, we did extend the raid and did not let Thok escape. We had one really frustrating wipe at less than 1% … we’re talking like 5M health left on the bad boy. But we got back up and kept trying until finally we had enough people alive long enough to get out of that fire phase and have enough dps left to get him down.


We’re skipping Blackfuse for now and moving on to Paragons so … off to study!


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