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The Sha of Awesome Friends

February 12, 2013

I mentioned in a conversation last week that I thought it would be really awesome if Blizzard made little Sha battle pets. I mean, think about it, they could come in like 3 different shapes even! You have the little shadowfiend types, the medium sized ones with the long arms, and of course, the boss-sized ones like my good buddy in Kun-Lai.

Well, you can’t mention something like that to certain people without it turning into a project of sorts. So I get this in my email a couple of days later:

Here’s a little something for you….

I mean you couldn’t get the real thing so we made one up :D

Ancient did all the hard work!

<3 Navi


Yep, leave it to Navi and Tome to come up with something like this. You two are awesome! *hugs*

Home Sweet Home

December 19, 2012

I’ve been Navispammed! It’s like a visit from Greatfather Winter, only better, because Navi is a too cool Tauren druidess instead of some smelly old orc (or dwarf if you roll with the Alliance).

She wrote me a letter and attached a Pandaren Water Spirit to it. Too awesome! So I had to set up a perfect screenshot.


Luna doesn’t seem too bothered by all the activity, and Nomi was excited to have a new friend to play with.

Thanks Navi! You rock. *hugs*


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