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Tracking Complete

April 10, 2014

So, Juna has gotten all of the trackable hunter pets in Pandaria. She got super lucky with Hexapos and, um … what’s the basilisk’s name? Rockhide? Yeah. Both of them she found pretty much right away the first time she went looking. Bloodtooth and Bombyx in Krasarang were very easy to find as well. She spent the most time in the Jade Forest. Between the large phased area that Glimmer paths through, and the way Savage’s prints blend in with the forest floor, these were easily the two most difficult ones to track.

Now, based on what I had read, both at the Wowhead guide and at WoW Rare Spawns, it seemed like Patrannache would be the hardest one to find. And it is true that his tracks are really hard to see. But on about my fourth visit to the Valley, I spotted them. I tracked him through the swampy area east of the Heartland, but lost the trail just north of Halfhill. Fortunately, thanks to the many screenshots Euphyley has posted, I knew that his trail would take him directly under Darkhide. So, being a lazy sort anyway, I parked my behind near the big mushan and just kept a flare under him until the bird appeared.


Now for her next project. Let’s see … she has just over 100 Halaa battle tokens. She can go grind Oshu’gun Crystal Powder and get one of the two Halaa talbuks. She also needs to finish grinding Wolvar rep to get Sholazar Mercenary.

Also, Arelin’s transfer is complete. He has joined the rest of my crew on the Norgannon side, bringing Wega’s old bank guild with him. So now I have all of my professions together.

Happy Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2014

So, the other night while waiting in queue to not get a Love Rocket, I decided to finally do what I sent Juna to a low-pop realm to do … track hunter pets without getting ganked or being followed by other hunters.

It took me forever to actually track Portent down and tame him. I got him in my flare, then got jumped by Mogu. When I next caught up with him, I hit tame beast and he walked out of the flare before it finished. I’m like, ok, I need to stand farther away and start the tame the second he appears. But of course, somehow he missed my next flare, then I lost his tracks in the sha-infested wasteland in front of Mogu’shan Palace. Eventually I found him again over by the side of the palace, but standing farther away didn’t work. So I tabbed out and read the post on Euphyley’s WoW Rare Spawns. Oh. Hunter’s Mark to keep him from being stealthed. Yeah. Hey, I’ve never denied being a huntard.


So yeah, now I have my special quilen and I can brez.


Hope you all have a great Valentine’s Day. My plans consist of picking up a six pack (of tacos) and cuddling up with my Valentine to watch TV and play WoW. Here he is …


Class Six

December 2, 2013

Here’s one more to add to the pile.


Of course, the first thing I did, even before the Timeless Isle, was to visit the Isle of Giants.


I also looked up info on the special hunter pets that you can find by following their tracks. Here is a nice shot of Bristlespine right after I tamed him, with one of his tracks still showing next to us.


Of course, the one I want most is Portent, who is found in the Vale. I finally saw his tracks yesterday, but as soon as I landed, some Alliance hunter started harrassing me. Being that it’s a PvP server, I just flew away. It’s not even worth the trouble. (insert mini-rant about the server merges … Drak has had 3 other servers combined with it, with a fourth being added today for a total of 5 servers all merged) I liked it being somewhere between low to medium. Not that my Alliance server is any better now that they’ve merged it with another and caused it to be high pop. I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but my initial happiness with combined servers is quickly changing to dismay.

I do have options though, especially since the current sale of the battlechest for $4.99 combined with the new (and brought back from retirement) RAF awards have convinced me to finally get a second account, even if only for the time needed to get my zhevra. I’ve taken a bit of a break from leveling my higher level characters to play around with RAF pairings, mostly leveling my bank alts.

I thought I had a bank on Earthen Ring but I guess I just had a bank alt and never got around to getting his own guild. I might ask for help setting one up there. Or I might just delete him. I haven’t really decided yet. I also have a couple of them on Dawnbringer, one on Elune, and of course Lemon Squares on Kargath which is definitely being used regularly. Plus the two on Drak/Firetree/Malorne/somethingelse/newsomethingelse that, well … I don’t know. I just. don’t. know. I have 5 90s there, plus an 87, an 85, and a ton of alts below 40. Oh yeah, and one on Winterhoof which is now high pop but not PvP so it’s ok.

And I’m rambling now, so I will stop.

Gooey Green Grubs

February 7, 2013

So … last night was pull after pull of Tsulong. I know as a healer I am supposed to enjoy the challenge of a so-called ‘healing fight’ (the Day phase where you must heal Tsulong) but … bleh. We’ll have to see what happens next week. We’re getting to the enrage so, like usual, it’s just a matter of fine-tuning and squeezing more dps/hps into it.

The most fun I had was hiding in the Enchanted Plant on the edge of the room. Anyone have any idea what this thing is for?


Afterwards, I logged on to Juna, who I had parked in the Silithid hive in Un’goro after reading Tome’s post about the Gorishi Grub. I could hear the sounds of her being attacked before the screen finished loading. Hooray, it’s the Clutchmother! I waited for her to lay an egg, put her on ice, and tamed the grub that hatched … which of course, immediately grew to be a worm of unusual size. (OMG you do NOT want to hear the names I am thinking of for it right now)


He’s not *quite* as large as Borelgore, but he’ll do. To be honest, I don’t know if I will actually ever use him, but … it’s fun to collect things that you won’t be able to get in the future. He can join Atha in my stable as a showpiece. :)


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