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and Victory

July 16, 2014

Thankfully, we did extend the raid and did not let Thok escape. We had one really frustrating wipe at less than 1% … we’re talking like 5M health left on the bad boy. But we got back up and kept trying until finally we had enough people alive long enough to get out of that fire phase and have enough dps left to get him down.


We’re skipping Blackfuse for now and moving on to Paragons so … off to study!

Good Riddance

May 22, 2014

Chalk up one more heroic victory. Malkorok is down.


Now, before you go saying ‘well yeah but patch = nerf’ let me tell you that the guild downed him on Monday while I listened on vent. I was in as the third healer while we learned the heroic mechanics, but when it came time to two heal so as to beat the enrage, I sat out in favour of our other ranged dps. We have exactly 11 people on the roster at the moment, so we rotate in and out depending on specific needs. But they wasted no time getting me in for my kill.

This is one of those fights where I’m more than happy to be ret instead of holy. heh. Half the raid doesn’t need gear off him and wants to sit it out though, so I’m sure they’re going to make me heal it sooner or later.

And Down Go Shaman

April 24, 2014

So, this week we did something a little different. We swapped two of our raiders with two raiders from the guild that we are joining forces with to do Mythic in WoD. We swapped resto druids, and sent them an ele shaman for a fire mage. It was interesting, and nice to get to know two of them a little better. They seem to have the same attitudes and approach to raiding that we do. Their druid uses different talents than Kash does, so it was strange to see four green circles at once because of the treants instead of seeing pedotree, er, tree of life. Not bad, mind you, just different.

Anyway … we spent last night on Heroic Dark Shaman. I like this fight. Mostly because I am on the Haromm Hill team and I only have to move like, once every 30 seconds when an Iron Tomb goes out. None of this running around avoiding 5 different things that can kill me and keep me from casting like on stupid Iron Juggernaut. It didn’t take long to become a pro tomb stacker. It took only a dozen pulls to get it all put together and not have anyone die too early.


Alright, I guess I’d better study Heroic Malk before Monday. I have a feeling I am going to hate him even more than I already do.

Nazgrim Defeated

April 22, 2014

After Juggernaut, we skipped ahead to General Nazgrim. We started out 3 healing it, but once we got the new mechanics and positioning down, people were mostly only dying to things they should be moving out of, so I switched to ret. Sometimes having things die faster is the answer. It only took a few pulls after that to get him.


Yes, I watched the last part of the fight from the floor. No, I didn’t stand in stuff … adds killed me. :p

I assume we are going back and doing Dark Shaman next. We practiced the 3 tank method last night in preparation. We generally just tank them together and deal with all of the mechanics, but that makes the fight seriously harder on heroic.


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